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xX 8 BIT CHAMPION Xx wrote:

Hey all – I was also wondering if anyone has a copy of the song "Chimdi Mundu" by J. Arthur Keenes.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B34lp … 09vZkFURkU i got you baby


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1. walken up da blok 02:00
2. whas goin on baybeh 02:03
3. yo yo yo my name is jo 01:59
4. outro (cool) 01:27

A few cool songs I made, jungle/"idm"/etc., not strictly chiptune, but it is minimal sample-based renoise stuff with a few chip samples (I figured that's close enough). Enjoy!!!!



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COOL! I like both your bleeps AND your bloops, a rare achievement indeed


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e.s.c. wrote:
Cooshinator wrote:

Kkrusty/Keaton Blue

why the "/"? i don't think they sound much alike

men can't write music like that so I'm assuming kkrusty ghostwrites in exchange for keaton blue's sexual exploits

nah i was just trying to think of keaton blue's former name and made a little whoopsie he he he


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Concerning the actual topic, definitely check out:
Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubo
Keaton Blue

urbster1 wrote:

Cooshinator/Muzak Efron

I second this that guy is a genius

Probably forgetting a few...

actually a few of these are more hardcore/techno-y but I left them in cause you should still hear them if you're looking for stuff that's inspiring on a technical level


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hell yeah


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Aw gnarly, totally checking this out when I get the chance

edit:hell yeah this is dopppppe

Thanks for listening guys!!!! Y'all kick ass

VCMG wrote:

For real though I love that you pitched the first track up around a semitone, it shows off completely different colors for the whole track

Dope, I'm glad you liked it man. I actually sped up quite a few of the tracks, I just thought they sounded cooler that way lol


after holding on to this for way too long I'm finally releasing this collection of a bunch of WACKY lsdj BANGERS and a few neato interludes i threw in there! I took a totally different approach with these tracks and I'm super duper pumped with how they turned out, so I hope you guys enjoy them! I also think I'll be departing from lsdj for a little while so be sure to savor this shit, u feel ?

https://muzakefron.bandcamp.com/album/h … uck-off-to


1. japan [05:31]
2. I Wish You Would've Died In High School [03:44]
3. (inter 1) [01:54]
4. Hedonistic Inter-Universal Teichmüller Theory [02:55]
5. You're GHOSTS, so ACT like it and be SOMBER [03:43]
6. (inter 2) [00:47]
7. O.D. of Bourgeoisie Milk Boy Milk [04:18]
8. Danger, Electro, Down With America [03:44]
9. (inter 3) [01:39]
10. 跪いてお足を嘗め [03:20]
11. Face the Muzak [04:00]
12. (inter 4) [01:42]
13. White Noise [02:54]
14. Fuck the Muzak [10:36]

thank you so much for listening!! also I don't have social media anymore so if y'all could spread the word a bit that'd be neato


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This is pretty neat! Totally wish there were more people messing with microtonal lsdj stuff


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Hell yeah I'm diggin it


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Chiptune always felt more proto-goth than data-punk to me!

Oh shiiiit haven't listened yet but I'm guessing it's a gnarlical/10

PlainFlavored wrote:

Only as long as you think these nonsensical limiting thoughts will they be true. The L and P and V commands, along with some well-placed pulse modulation and volume envelopes, add massive presence and life to a simple pulse channel melody. Just listen to Chibitech and tell me that's not expressive! The problem is that people don't have the patience or motivation or knowledge or whatever to juice it up, or they're distracted by the limitations of a genre.

I'm not saying I can't juice things up, just that the tools I use are an essential part of composition. If someone writes a song with a tracker and it ends up the same as a song he'd write with a guitar, then he's not approaching his work with enough playfulness and creativity to be worth listening to. Wouldn't it be better for him to play off the limitations of his instrument and come up with something entirely expressive of that instrument? An instrument that changes any time I touch it is going to sound less calculated than an instrument that has to be intentionally fucked with to sound at all different, and that's going to be frustrating at times and liberating at others

Not going to abandon software I've been using for half a decade just because I run into a few walls here and there. And yeah I'm blaming my tools, did you look at the title of the thread?

This is probably because of the rock/punk shows I've been going to recently, but I've been noticing that chiptune up to a certain purity forces me to write music in a way that's like stupidly specific. No matter how fancy I or anyone else gets with LSDj it's still just a sequence of loops & it'll never be as expressive or dynamic as a 4-piece rock band/orchestra/jazz trio/whatever. I can name plenty of chip songs I think are hypnotic, raw, or even beautiful, but I can't name a single chiptune song I would describe as "catchy". It's still possible to write great music but it's never going to be anything other than some fucked up techno loops trying to pass off as some other genre