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Also this is probably my favorite chiptune song ever and to me it feels pretty dang sad with all the lethargic pitch-bending shit and the downward-moving bassline


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https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/you … ry-of-mine

I wrote this when I was like fucking ridiculously depressed, maybe it's just a personal connection thing but to me the whole thing sounds super duper sad


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The One Electronic wrote:

he only REAL solution is to make one save file with multiple songs on it--pretty sure that's how Cooshinator does his sets.

Nah that'd take up way too much space lol. I often just play a transitional bit with my gp2x, but when I can I often have the slave set to the proper tempo and then switch it to master (it should still sound in sync), then I stop the old master, switch save files, and stop the old song at the same moment I start the new one. If you wanted to be extra fancy I'm sure you could start the new save out in slave mode, switch to master, and do another save switcharoo on the other gameboy.  I always do song mode but I imagine live mode should work too. Oh and this technique is for 2xlsdj, but it probably works just as well for 1xlsdj


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I can't listen to music at work but the other day I listened to this while driving there and around noon they found a car in the river right next to my workplace lol

I use dynadot for my domain and it works fine. I don't think it matters that much, but some are cheaper than others.

I and several other people I know host on DigitalOcean which is really dope from my experience

19 and conceited af rolling in ay


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Also you recorded everything in renoise so technically it's at least sort of chiptune


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Gnarlical my man !!!!!!!!!


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I wish you would name it something more diverse like

Jewish Big Beat
Big or Small Beat (every size is beautiful)
Big Black Beat


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Edit: I've been listening some more and this really really kicks ass, wowie


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Haven't listened to this album in months and I put it on in last night and it punched me in the soul

applejuice wrote:

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning



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Woah nelly this is dope


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way gnarlical!!!


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46:39 if it counts https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/you … ry-of-mine

If not here's this 18:48 LGPT jam I wrote a while back https://cooshinator.bandcamp.com/track/yo-yo-yo
and this 17:53 LSDj piece I wrote a while back as well https://cooshinator.bandcamp.com/track/ … d-666-full

For some reason I really like to write long songs lol, most of them fall somewhere between 6-10 minutes

Mrwimmer wrote:

I almost guarantee there is no consistent groove setting for this song.  Use more G commands, analyze more rhythms.

Why do you say that? I'm not hearing much that gives me the impression he's doing any crazy groove switching, so I'm curious as to what parts make you think that