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This is chock full of creative and interesting songwriting, and makes a fine complement to all the Buckethead I've been ingesting lately. Freshest release of the year, chip or not!!!


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$40 USD for a DMG, $80 for a Play it Loud. This is double the average price I saw in 08 when I started buying them.
Any GBA that isn't a Micro should theoretically be way cheaper.

I'm also pretty bummed out by the pervasive Eurocentric notion displayed here that dance music = techno. Almost every time I've actually danced to music, it's been rap or R&B, two deeply underrepresented genres in this scene.

Cooshinator wrote:

This is probably because of the rock/punk shows I've been going to recently, but I've been noticing that chiptune up to a certain purity forces me to write music in a way that's like stupidly specific. No matter how fancy I or anyone else gets with LSDj it's still just a sequence of loops & it'll never be as expressive or dynamic as a 4-piece rock band/orchestra/jazz trio/whatever. I can name plenty of chip songs I think are hypnotic, raw, or even beautiful, but I can't name a single chiptune song I would describe as "catchy". It's still possible to write great music but it's never going to be anything other than some fucked up techno loops trying to pass off as some other genre

Only as long as you think these nonsensical limiting thoughts will they be true. The L and P and V commands, along with some well-placed pulse modulation and volume envelopes, add massive presence and life to a simple pulse channel melody. Just listen to Chibitech and tell me that's not expressive! The problem is that people don't have the patience or motivation or knowledge or whatever to juice it up, or they're distracted by the limitations of a genre.


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This release is no longer available for download.


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show was lit af tbh fam

This is the best chip release I've heard in a long time.


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This release is no longer available for download. Thanks for listening!


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This release is no longer available for download.


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egr wrote:
ShintarouMusic wrote:

Actually, I use both of those for sound, I never thought of using them with a super gameboy.
Yeah the frame around the screen would be kind of annoying... Is there a way around that?

I had forgotten about the border but I'm pretty sure there are hacks for that as well (as in making it just black or somesuch) but I have no idea who it was that worked on that.  I'll search around for it.

Press L+R.

The Quakecon 2013 interstitial music was chip. I'm at least 80% sure it was Chipzel.


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I left school to make a first-person shooter. I write Python and C for 12-16 hours a day, and have been doing so for the last year + two months.


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How do you guys not get tired of hearing and making stuff like this, and patting each other on the back on an internet forum and facebook all day every day, and reveling in the same tired antics that have entirely crippled what could have been an interesting artistic movement? Some of you have wives and children even, and you're still bickering with relative strangers on the internet over gameboy songs, ensuring that nobody beyond a few impressionable kids on some website will ever care about you or your bland music.

Fucking babies.

the best thing to do in this situation is to give up hope


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i'd rather connect w/ friends and fans via purevolume, xanga, deviantart, newgrounds, friendster, makeoutclub, angelfire, and livejournal

edit: can't forget that blogspot, wordpress, formspring, pinterest, flickr, or flavors.me