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Autechre are really good


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8bc actually got me laid


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i invited a very attractive young lady to a house party on saturday, hopefully she never comes over to my house and sees my depressingly giant gameboy/console/synthesizer collection


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this put quite a smile on my big dumb face


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if i were you i would drop this like your bag on the long island railroad


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2011 in chipmusic:


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c u there lololol~~~*


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Moriokun wrote:

Seems like the problem isn't the cartridge designs, it's the lack of collaboration between LSDJ's software and the Cartridge maker.  Seems like LSDJ needs to be written specially for a certain cartridge, Not the cartridge trying to meet LSDJ.

In no way, shape, or form is this true.


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This is really excellent.


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1. little-scale - Dynasty
2. Mobb Beep - Modificeret
3. Stay Ali - Vati Vati EP
4. Misfitchris - Data Tides
5. Ten and Tracer - Dark Before Dawn

Khonnor - Lost Pets should get a mention in here somewhere too.


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pnada wrote:

@e.s.c If I made it I'd have a lot more money/bitches, but that's besides the point. Brostep is like Metal/deathcore in the "-core" scene there are a lot of haters but the musicians don't care because they make the most money. As a result anything anybody says will sound like jealousy and/or draw more attention to the music they despise, just look at the song "Friday", because everyone was hating on it she made a million dollars or something crazy on Itunes. If you really hate an artist don't post him/her on a forum or comment about because lets face it everyone in here listened to it even though it's shit and that's supporting Ephixa.

Short term profitability != success. Also, sweet straw man.


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Meanwhile, as I happen upon this...

Unlike a lot of people I know who compose music alone in their rooms on Friday nights, I don't really enjoy "jamming". The process of smacking keys or listening to loops while altering them until I find something I want to keep doesn't seem like an ideal process to me. I have to sort of conceptualize what I'm doing before I even touch the keys (of my computer keyboard, I'm no pianist). This means that I do everything in-tracker. Sometimes I record chords off of my DW-8000 and build stuff around that, but that's fairly rare.

Sometimes I draw/write descriptions of what I want songs to sound like. Sometimes I hear songs in dreams and transcribe them. Sometimes when I'm feeling uninspired I go back to my vaults and combine/revamp four or five old sketches.

All of this makes working with other musicians close to impossible.


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2001-2002: filling a need for music in homebrew platformer games and doom total conversions
2002-2009: writing music for the fun of it
2009-2010: girls don't like me
2011-?????: desire to fill an intangible and unreachable artistic vision, and to see how far i can push myself