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into it


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nice! I really like Ekspresimental EP by yourself, so I can't wait to give this a listen smile


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akira^8GB wrote:

No doubt: Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band - The Ferret Show

This is really good.

i'm gonna say it's all fakebit just to start shit. or does no one care anymore? i'm not very practiced at trolling.



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SadPanda wrote:

a series of prerecorded web shows

this. this is the way to go imho.


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Hi Bryface,

I watched a video performance of you on ustream.tv not too long ago. I was very happy with the quality of your songs. Great stuff, really.

That said, watching the video was boring as shit. Sounds harsh I guess, but I'm being serious. A great thing about live performances in the chip community, which isn't necessarily unique to the scene but an integral aspect, are collaborations in the performance with visual artists. From what I can tell, streaming performance should not forget this collaboration.


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Heosphoros wrote:

2. Cheosmen II (Cheetah Men II - Overworld)

/end chiptune


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good stuff. +1


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nitro2k01 wrote:

Sabrepulse has a thing or two to learn from Jose Torres. "Polite but to the point".

Man, Jose is such a douche bag!


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Freque wrote:

Chipzel takes time out of the kitchen...

Is she a professional chef by day?


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into it

Fuck me this sounds GREAT. Really into it.

Why are you debating over pc or wii instead of just getting a cart?

We'll just see about that

edit: when I can listen to it at home 'cause this piece of shit computer I use at work doesn't have a fucking soundcard


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this is good.