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i was gonna say somebody buy thesource.it but too late sad

herr_prof wrote:

I liked it too, nice to see someone who is genuinely excited about something new.

k, serious question: when does chipmusic stop being new? 'Cause my first reaction to this is "new... really?" but maybe that's just me, or my inability to juggle inside/outside perspectives of the scene or however you wanna put it...

edit:or do things stop being new ever...?


I'm releasing a new album very soon. I'll be playing the new tracks live for the first time this Friday. It's no where near as "pure" chipmusic as my previous releases, but I decided to make a thread here anyway. If you'll be in Montreal, come on by!

Facebook event page: Battle Lava + Danny Duzit New Music Showcase @ Kafein

There will be a preview for the new album posted to the facebook event page above in the very near future.

defiantsystems wrote:

Where's Reteris is the better question.

Totally! Reteris is dope.

Downstate wrote:

this 'title' makes chipmusic look retarded. It makes a good comp look like its currated by a 12 year old.  probably i said that last year, man this FTW shit is a real pet hate of mine. ignore me im on my man period. or im old now. or both. probably both.

i kind of agree.

also the website is impossible to look at: http://www.8bitx.com/chiptuneswin/chipt … bmissions/

sweet saskrotch thx

thanks. i listened to your three tracks uploaded here. I love that you recorded from your gameboy color's speaker. so gritty. love it.

CrunchyCo compilation from 2008 I believe, the track is Found by Saskrotch. I would like to have it. Make my dreams come true. Thanks.

email: alexanderwestcott [at] gmail

edit: because the crunchyco website no longer has a releases section.


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bryface wrote:


cons: the highly suspect kerning between the "A" and "Y" in your bandcamp header image

lol fuck ha

edit: music is great though!


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I think there is another group called 'Culture' who's shows are being listed on your bandcamp page, or are you touring this much to support your first ep?

I think it's very good for a first ep.

n00bstar wrote:

How about... each user has a limited number of song/disk space/whatever, but when a song is really popular/good/amazing/godlike/omgtits then it gets integrated into a 'public' library

If something like this were done in a cool presentable way, like cm.o best of compilations, perhaps curated by the 'staff', i think it would be really cool. Or at least has potential.

trash80 wrote:

Maybe we should have soundcloud integration

I for one think this would be cool. Not that I would have any problem really with keeping the current system but limited to 5 tracks. But if you're fishing for people's opinions, there you go wink

It would suck though to not be able to upload an .nsf or non-soundcloud supported formats that happen to be popular/semi-popular here, i guess.


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@Parallelis: I think we knew at least since Glomag's The Ecstacy of Gold tongue

but yeah, great tracks


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cool album, but why the hell is this being posted to cm.o? what does this have to do with chip music.... at all?

xylo wrote:

I think Chainsaw Police just bought 3 t-shirts at Zara and then saw this thread.

fuk lol