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i like the cover. download when i get home.


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k-str zh n

1. tr k w n
2. tr k t
3. tr k thr
4. tr k for f r

Stream & Download


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ant1 wrote:

... for a moment i forgot that chiptunes was nothing more than cheap exploitation of video games nostalgia

smile hate this sooooOOOo much smile



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Cover art is rad


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yeah that's a typo, it's $5000

$5000 found in NES game

edit: added a zero (from 500 to 5000)


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I stopped at the name "pianocade". No thanks.


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I'm into it. Good job!

Especially dig the cover.


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i think you mean plebeian, but FINE WHATVER I H8 U


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Saskrotch wrote:

i think we've got the same headphones

Aren't those shure's great for the price? I lost mine a while a back, and while in search of a new pair, I couldn't find anything else in my city that was better for the price. I just bought the same ones again. This is sidetracking but I totally recommend them to anyone looking for good monitoring headphones on the cheap(ish). edit: shure SRH440's

Anyway, great track Nullsleep!

sick line-up.

I'd love to see slime girls live. And Zen Albatross again. And Trash80 again. And Minusbaby again. Le sigh...

fukdat get gambatte


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Artisan wrote:
Battle Lava wrote:

I'm waiting for a download link ;p

Totally thought i'd included the link, swear i remember pasting it and everything... weird. But thanks tongue
Fixed now


it's a good little album


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Artisan wrote:

what are you waiting for!

I'm waiting for a download link ;p

edit: PB076 | Falling For A Square - D I A R Y


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snesei wrote:



this sounds like a buy

kitsch wrote:

yeah.  will be backing this.  its so worth it.

if anyone hasn't seen the book yet.....it'd be worth shelling out the extra for it.  incredible!

Totally agree.