I have SunVox almost two years, it is *really* good tracker, like Buzz, but i composed only 3 or 4 tiny tunes in it. Touchscreen without buttons is really somewhat slow to do anything bigger. In NanoStudio you can easily compose even 7 minute song within 2 days.

I use iP 3GS second year, i have almost all music apps, but i am most-productive in NanoStudio, FL Studio Mobile is nowhere near in terms of flexibility. iVox is good-sounding realtime vocoder from creators of VirSyn, RjDj/Trippy Replay has got some nice DSP algorithms for realtime processing incoming internal-mic sound. I most like DSP module Eargasm, you can produce endless ambient with it.

Moog's Filtatron offer very solid filter (you can control it with ENV/LFO), delay (also tapped to tempo) and amp (with feedback). Signal path is very rich and clean, i have no problems to create 100 MB wavs, really great.

Nanoloop is nice app, but up to now i created only one sequence with all parts. I found it somewhat limited, although i tried many things during play.


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Holy cow! if it can run AHX Soundsystem with no issues or latency (formerly entitled THX, C64 tracker for Amiga) i will buy it! I Always wanted something like Gameboy DMG, but with SID chip inside. And AHX is great SW emulation.


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You didn't received small CD with EMS USB cart package? I can send you contens, i installed everything wihout any problems on WinXP. GB_usb is also working fine, i put some roms on 2nd page, but gamesave is not working on some titles (you can find list of titles on 8bc forum). But i nevermind, most important is that LSDJ is working perfectly.

And yes, switching to second EMS USB card page is turn-off/on Gameboy quickly, within second. Back to first page takes some seconds after power off (max 10 sec).

i purchased this adapter, it works without any problems, and after Pro Sound Mod signal is crystal clear without any noises or ghosts, i just switched to 6 Volts and negative polarity

http://en.shop.emos.cz/zbozi/1703225020 … -mw3ip25gs


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sorry, just remove dot smile


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Hello men, i have following experiences: I purchased original Gameboy DMG-01 in great condition without any mods or accessories, waited some weeks for my copy of LSDJ with EMS USB 64M card (ordered from Nonfinite Electronics) and V3 backlight. I installed backlight and card into DMG and noticed little noise and some ghosts during editing. Some days later i found AC Adapter in out local store which have negative polarity and 6 V, when i removed AA batteries and switched-on DMG i noticed in LSDJ some low volume, high frequency whistling. So i did some research in Pro Sound mods and found this great pic: http://8bc.org/items/images/DMG%20prosound%20mod.jpg. After this modification signal is crystal clear and without any "ghosts".