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Andrew Winzenburg wrote:
GLOOMS wrote:

RCA mods sound like sh!t , get a hi-fi chip and join the rest of us in 2020 GBA bliss.

https://www.retromodding.com/collection … -amplifier

The video linked on the product's page mentions that this doesn't affect the headphone output at all, but I can't seem to find anything else that confirms this?

Uhh yeah that's very confusing.


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punk1290 wrote:

Super cheap, but I have never seen it in stock sadly.

Email Oliver. He's a real sweetheart when it comes to support. If it's unavailable he'll at least let you know when it should be back. He is busy with standalone NL, though, so do be gentle.


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Yup herr is right.

I found an old branch where I'd done similar things and it actually doesn't crash but it makes no sound. I'm too stupid for this, I'm going back to SuperCollider.


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herr_prof wrote:

just a call out, piggy was built for 32bit os's, and i never got it to run on modern 64bit rasbian images because linux is hard.

That's kinda where I'm at.  I made a bunch of tweaks based on semi-educated guesses and got it going. It builds, it runs, but when I try to load a song it crashes every time. I ran Valgrind on it and it seems to be a 32 vs 64 thing in SDL (not JACK, thankfully). So I need to figure out how to bridge that.


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Are you guys compiling this thing or just running the 10 year old ghetto builds? I have had no luck compiling properly, but I'm a total C++ idiot.


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Duck wrote:

I didn't think the only part of the chain that isn't fifteen years old, homebrew or jailbroken would be the problem, but it is.

They don't make um like they yousta!


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OK so actually after doing that stuff it wasn't saving; it was treating the flash memory like it was read-only. But then I reloaded the 2.8.2 ROM and now it's all good (so far).


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Weird, I can get it to boot by removing the cart and selecting a color scheme, then it says "0" in the bottom right. Then I can re-insert the cart and it works normally until I reboot. Then it works normally for the next boot, but when I boot a second time I have the same issue. I seem to have corrupted some flag in the flash memory, probably will need to figure out how to do a factory reset or something.


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The old nanoloop thread mentioned a trick where you pull the cart out while it's playing and put it into another gameboy. Well, I tried this and the cart now is stuck at the logo screen with the "play" icon in the top right.  I can choose a color scheme but after that it doesn't go anywhere.

Obviously I did a stupid thing. Did I break it? Is there something I can do at this screen (or some buttons I can hold on startup) to proceed?


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Actually yeah, just tested it, seems to work great!

That is if by latest ghetto you mean 1.3m_something. I can't even remember where I downloaded it from now.


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kineticturtle wrote:
e.s.c. wrote:

anyone else still having issues creating new projects on the psp build? doesn't seem to be working on the psp go i just bought

Yes - I can't create new projects and I can't import samples from the library on PSP2001 or PSP1001. It's like the pig forgot how to work with the filesystem? Glad to hear I'm not the only one at least. smile

Sorry for necrobump but did this ever get fixed?
I wanna get back into Piggy, got like a 2012 build on my PSP phat and that bassy filter is enticing me to upgrade but I wanna make sure I'm actually able to create new projects on the newest ghetto.
By the way, what is the newest ghetto? 1.3l_50? Kind of hard to figure out what's what being out of the Piggy loop for a while.


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Dire Hit wrote:
undergroundclouds wrote:

Dude you kilt it @ Turntable Sundae. That jam w/ Scribe was off the hook.

Scribe? As in Scribe the Verbalist? That dude is great, met him at folklife this spring and we've been shooting emails back and forth every so often. Great rapper, even greater guy.

Yeah he is a great dude, funny as hell and insightful. I like his style.


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ovenrake wrote:
undergroundclouds wrote:

Dude you kilt it @ Turntable Sundae. That jam w/ Scribe was off the hook.

duuuude what, you were there? did you even say hi? how turntable was i?
that was an incredible show, it was only lacking more chip homies ~ ~ i ain't no ambassador

Haha, no, John sent me the soundboard. It did indeed sound from his announcements  like the tables got pretty turnt. I gotta make my way over there next time you're in town.


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Dude you kilt it @ Turntable Sundae. That jam w/ Scribe was off the hook.


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Awesome, thanks smile


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Are the ghettos built from the code on github?