Interview me when you run out of cooler people to interview

Unicorn Dream Attack

Thank baby jesus. this is the happiest day i have had in years. thank you.


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have a positive attitude

Man these songs are good, just lose that "warez productions" thing.

edit: as for label, though they can be a great form of extra promotion, are not necessary. If I were you I would just pick 5 labels that you like, and that you know won't rule you out immediately (like 8bitpeepz), and send in the EP. I'm sure one of them would pick it up. Noisechannel might be a good choice. If none of them wanna put it out, just release on bandcamp like everyone else. Lots of guys are doing just fine without a label.


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I hate naming songs because I feel like it's always the corniest part of being a musician. Like most of you I skip lots of songs with the "LOL OBVIOUS VIDYA GAME REFERENCE/GAMEBOY PUN", but I also skip lots of songs where dudes are trying too hard to make a statement with their titles.

I also kind of hate my name MyLifeIsPixels, but I haven't thought of anything better to change it to.

maaaaaan the PK Love remix is like one of my fav songs from the PPD comp. I've been listening to it like 10 times a day

ezdrummer/superior drummer is the way to go. i used to use a variety of acoustic drum samples when I would do stuff like that, then I got ezdrummer and it felt like I went 100 years into the future. it's fairly easy to find online if you don't have funds to purchase it, but most of my metal friends say superior drummer is better.


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I've been taking a break from chip for the past couple months to work on hip hop stuff under the name Flying Locust and thought it would be cool to see what other non-chip musical ventures you guys are doing. Post your soundclouds/facebooks/whatevers.

Flying Locust:


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yo this is some good shit. Just do self release, labels are kinda pointless imo. If the rest of your release is just as good, I'm sure you wouldn't have a hard time getting exposure and $$$$$$$$.


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I have never felt love.


does Earthworm Jim count? that game had great music.


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Sleigh Bells, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Nujabes have been pretty much all I listen to the past few weeks.


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this isn't chip but I've started a trip hop side project called Flying Locust, check it out.


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what is that crazy elongated Playstation controller? a probably fun mod that I'm not sure is possible, but is definitely impracticle, would be to put a large screen in the center with the psp's hardware behind it. Super PSP XXXXXXXXXL Deluxe.

the Planet of the Apes franchise is probably my favorite.