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all those links are broken sad

All the websites are correct, just trying typing them in manually. Not sure why the links aren't working.

the link bbcode is adding an extra "http://" thus breaking them.

Chipmusic is just like every other genre/medium/style. 1/3 pretentious old farts, 1/3 whiny n00bs, and 1/3 people who are nice and productive.


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It's very chill. I like that. Can be hard to resist the fast and hard chiptune style.

Oddly enough I'm having a really hard time getting back into making more upbeat stuff because of doing this.

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Title: 2013 Midwest Compilation Album

this is not a good name haha. Here are my just thought of suggestions:

Midwest Collective 2013
Piko Piko Midwest (have it like covering up Detroit or something, idk)
the Lonesome Crowded Midwest
the super midwest friends album

So good


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thanks a lot d00dz


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MyLifeIsPixels - Ever Ever

sad, glitchy fakebit


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I just released this like 10 minutes ago, check it out. It's more mellow/sad sounding than most chip stuff, and it's glitchy. I made it using primarily Plogue Chipsounds, and various drum samples. It's pay what you want.

I made the artist name in itunes "Zef Cannon" because it's more convenient.


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I sold my soul to satan.

someone's intro song in the WWE


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updated the first post.

ps it doesn't look like everyone cares about the thread so there may be omissions

One of these days if I'm super bored I'll skim the releases page and organize them into a post so you can copy paste. I may even do generic descriptions for all of them.

edit: actually I'll just edit my first post in this thread and update it as I see releases pop up. then you can just copy from there, and there won't be a million "here's some more albumzzzzz" posts from me. this is a cool idea and it'd be wild having every release in there come December.

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perhaps I should also use my time here brushing up on spelling smile

or just use the "edit" function

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thousands of people could discover the joy of giving away something that's cost them moolah.

you don't seriously believe this do you? Even the ones who sit there ranting for days about how they don't care about the money  and just want to make music out of love will throw a shit fit if someone posts their album for free somewhere. If people were gonna give out free cd's they probably are already. Even if every music website ever posted your email, most people would probably be like, "bah. Give my music out for free? Good one old sport" as they polish their monocles and wait for someone to download their 15 dollar albums.

I've got an album coming out on the 17th that will be a "pay what you want" and depending on if it does well donation wise, I will be putting all money earned from that into funding this on the second to last day. I believe my girlfriend will also be donating soon because she wants dat panda shirt.

no one said dis one … stie-boys/