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ahx2txt @github https://github.com/neuroflip/ahx2txt
Dumps the ahx file content into readeable ascii

Make a boot disk using the install df0: command, make a S:startup-sequence script and run all the necessary before run your fav software.



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akira^8GB wrote:

I don't remember having lag on an A600 running AHX, then again, that was a loooong time ago.

the editor screen refresh lags a bit on a600, but its really usable.


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i have been using one of that cheap usb video capture thing using VirtualDub software (http://www.virtualdub.org/) on an asus eeepc 701. I've tried it using an A600 with ahx, is quite usable, but the lag of the A600 running AHX and the lag of the video does lag a bit annoying. On c64 works pettry decent.

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Electribe A1mkII (amiga iff): http://aminet.net/package/mods/smpl/EA1mkII


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ROM v0.8b available to download

demo song

and a little video by aorante playing with high freq values to get new sounds from the psg...

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http://morganleahrecords.com/mooglechar … e.html#c64


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Bonito tu pueblo tio!
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txt2ahx sounds like a nice idea... in general the way you think about txt2** to do the dirty job, once.


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if you want more info you can take a look at the xmms-ahx plugin sources: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmms-ahx/
a very cool resource to manage ahx files and replay them using the official ahx bang/replayer from abyss