Sunvox is really nice and supported on a number of platforms.

However, if you want something better, then Renoise is well worth the investment.

This is rad! Can't wait for a new album. I still remember seeing you guys play at DEFCON and then hanging out at LWLVL. If only I wasn't out of the country on business for the next couple of months.

The 8bp reunion! Here's to hoping someone can get some good live footage, as I can't get time off work.

I always found Roboctopus' LSDJ & You series a great introduction to useful composition techniques:

This post had some good drum kit stuff and nice further reading recommendations as well:

So, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and getting deeper in the code, I would recommend looking at or go straight to GBDK ( The GBT-Player is built on top of the GBDK code and allows you to load up rudimentary wav files (it wants them in .mod format). You will have to compile some code into a rom to run with the song on it though.

Seconded! I am glad she took a pause from composing for eroge to put up these two tracks.

Going to be stuck in NY during that time, but I will be back in the NW for June and July if you guys are looking for more folks then. I also need to upload more of my jams for interested parties. Hope it is gonna be a rad show though!

What service are you guys using? Hostgator, DigitalOcean, Linode, or something else?

Auto-renew on the Let's Encrypt certs is really handy too! I do a fair bit of pen-testing for work, so if there are some other issues that come up, I would be happy to assist with.

Yes, but its a secret to everybody wink

Xaimus was one of my favorites... I don't think he is making any FAMI/NES explicit music anymore, but there if you are determined, you can find his old stuff around in various archives.


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Sunvox is also great. Though, if you feel up to more robust software, Renoise is a good tracker that allows you to use VSTs very easily.

I'll miss day one because of work, but can't wait to party it up for day 2!

I am missing the first day of Low-Level due to work, but will make it for saturday. Hope y'all stick around for the sick parties!

Damn, am outta town as well. Anything going on in August though? Also, that is a pretty sick lineup, wish I could be there.


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I thought some folks might enjoy this video:

It was put together buy cTrix and Dr. Abrasive and goes into a pretty in depth discussion about the Saturn internals. Here's to hoping for a flash interface for Sega Saturn roms!