If you are serious about this, then start with plain C. I recommend http://c.learncodethehardway.org/book/. It is a series of coding exercises that will help you learn C. As most other programming languages nowadays are derivatives of C (either borrow much of the C syntax as is the case with C#, C++, etc. or are built on C as is the case with higher-level languages like Python), just learning plain C is a gateway to so much more.

After learning C, probably also familiarize yourself with x86 assembly (which is the machine code that all programming languages devolves to--super low level) and get a better understanding of processor architecture and development. The Intel Developer's Manual is a good place to start (or die as is the case with most): http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/pu … 325462.pdf. However, as 3500 pages is a bit much for any person and the 3DS uses the ARM architecture, you may want to read up on ARM, but still learn x86 assembly as it will be of vital importance.

There is some stuff in the 3DS homebrew wiki: http://3dbrew.org/wiki/Setting_up_Devel … nvironment.

I myself have never directly made homebrew applications, but I have reverse engineered a few. There is also an IRC channel for the homebrew wiki too, so you might want to check that out.

Hope this helps.


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wedanced wrote:

Build a little fence around it!

hahaha, Catbug gets me every time.

Lookin forward to a sweet show tonight. See y'all there.

If you want something like FL Studio that is more sample based, Ableton is pretty good. Plus it handles plugins and MIDI pretty well. If you want something more like Sunvox, Renoise is fantastic--I use it all the time. There is a lot of other stuff out there and much of it is personal preference, so try out lots of stuff before committing.


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(Not really a C64 expert)

For the clarity of further replies, can you please describe the issue in more detail. Do they turn on? What is the state of the C64s? Have you looked at any of the internals, if so what is their state? Is it at all possible for you to provide pics of the aforementioned C64s?

Cool! Haven't seen Ovenrake play since he lived in Tacoma... gotta try to get some time off work now. Looks like a really solid line-up.

damn... wish I was back in town... Sadly won't be in the area until late June. Good luck though.


That Oracle of Ages cart, lol. I still have both of my old Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons games. I still play em. IMO, they are one of the overlooked gems of the LoZ series.


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Big fan of a lot of the folks over at Arecibo Radio (http://areciboradio.com/). They run a regular show schedule and have a pretty active IRC chat going. Virt's waifu even runs one of the shows. A few of the shows are on a brief hiatus though, namely Heossentials (hosted by Heosphoros obviously). Its still worth a look and a listen for sure at the very least.


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You got some pretty sick beats there.

ovenrake wrote:
Stim93 wrote:

You from the area or hereabouts?

I'm originally from tacoma, nowhere nearby, and i live on the east coast now, so whaddya gonna do? I visit often, and always looking for shows though.

undergroundclouds wrote:

Also hi ovenrake! Miss you buddy, I still think about that fun night we had w/ Chris, John & Jake in T-town! Please do play a show in Spokane sometime!

so outrageous, i think about it all the time too! miss ya 2 cool

I am in the same boat man, in NY right now because of work, but wishin' I was back in Tacoma.


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I gotcha for "Drive-thru"

^^^ Agreed.

Most good music written with 2x lsdj that I have seen use the second gameboy merely to add embellishment; meaning, the core of the song is and can be done with one gameboy. There are just some subtleties, like a lot of cool delay effects that can, for the most part only be done with a second gameboy. As was said, get comfortable with only using one gameboy first. And, most importantly, get good at using rests: don't feel like you need to crowd every moment of the song with a note. If you wanna drop a mad bassline, the best way accentuate it is by cutting out all the other channels. Maybe I sound a little disorganized and maybe I don't make a lot of sense, but, I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a lot of fun that can be had with 2x lsdj, but its often abused and not well done so don't fell like its a downgrade to play with only one.

ugh... I have Air Assault training during the dates for all the East Coast stuff... I feel like I miss all good shows lately TT~TT


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I am just waiting for Hyperkin to get more RetroN 5 units in stock... While the Analogue NT looks really nice, $500 is no small amount.