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Here's a bunch of crappy General MIDI stuff I did. Listen to it here.

i think this makes me the first person in the chipscene to have the same song crystal castled twice

i'm not sure if i should feel accomplished or infuriated anymore


mediafire link is literally just a Sona voice line added to the start of Engage, and reposted by some group named Melted Moon. predictable. i'll sort this out, thanks for letting me know

edit: JESUS IT HAS 13,000 VIEWS


edit 2: worked with a couple other people to sort this out. also apparently this song was played at nintendoom LAST NIGHT. i have been crystal castled twice

welp, time to pack it up. just pack it all up. my music has reached a point where people will actually bother to steal it. my job is done.

also the video's private. huh. did anyone get the username?

what OS are you working with, and have you installed the drivers as per kitsch-bent's instructions in the description here? they're likely not to work otherwise


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Decktonic wrote:

you'll be hearing from our lawyers soon

I/O Chip Music

p.s. nice EP

guess i didn't say anything about lawyers, did I.



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"Celebrating two years after his debut, Aeros is back with another wave of whimsical chip-stuff made in all kinds of crazy forms and genres, from MIDI to Gameboy to NES and even to SunVox briefly. Prepare to be aurally assaulted. (Take that as you will, just don't call the cops on him.)"

1  Intro (SunVox)
2  Icarus (VRC6)
3  Odyssey (General MIDI)
4  Rebirth (LSDJ)
5  Existential (LSDJ)
6  Denial of Service (General MIDI)
7  Beyond Logic (VRC6)

Download it for free on Bandcamp! It also comes with project files for all the songs just in case chip newbs want a look. Enjoy!

i've upgraded to windows 8 (home prem 64bit), and it seems i can't load the drivers for rom/sram transfer on it, as the previous method for overriding driver signatures (http://www.ngohq.com/?page=dseo) is deprecated.

is there any other method that can be used to force an unsigned driver installation without this software on W8 x64, or am i doomed to using my linux distro for EMS transfer?

i find it offensive that there's a whole thread about female chipmusic artists exclusively and then when a male chipmusic artist thread comes up it gets graveyarded. sexism in chipmusic = not cool. mad




calmdownkidders. save it for timbaland and disney.


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ah, don't beat up on yourself too bad, quality makes up for quantity. some seriously bumpin' stuff, and i'm only 2 tracks in; nice one!


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sunvox. that is all.

Auxcide wrote:

Any questions and quarrys are welcome. :]

my album art submission

Victory Road wrote:

you're discriminsting against common decency with pretty much every post you make