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Duck wrote:

I am right in thinking there are three sync modes aren't I? MIDI slave is first, showing nothing? It's not the same as "a"?

So confused as to why I can't get it working...

a is for an incoming analog click to set the timing of the sync and after that is m which is midi out as master. what devices are you trying to slave to your nanoloop? ive had trouble getting my built midi cable to start my digitakt, but works on my tb03. so i just route my tb’s midi out to my digitakt and that works out well.


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Theta_Frost wrote:

I'll play b2b sets with LSDJ and LGPT (on PSP), where I just beatmatch them in my headphones using the cue on my mixer. The tempo is wonderfully consistent BUT getting it to start on the beat can be quite tricky. Idk if the start button on the PSP is just unresponsive, but even with tap tempo beatmatching is tough.

i dead sync my psps for piggy sets and have never had a problem. you might need to open that hog up and clean your contacts


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it can’t


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schismtracker, renoise, milkytracker. a lot of sample based trackers have midi support


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gp2x is in good condition aside from it missing the plastic joystick cap (those things fall off so easily). you can 3D print one of these or find them on eBay for super cheap. the midi adapter is the clear blue casing originally sold thru kitsch-bent and is fully functioning without any problems.

asking $120, shipping included within the USA~

(pics upon request)

edit: willing to trade for desktop synth modules, a Commodore 64, or nanoloop 2.x carts~ if you have something dope tho feel free to pm


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selling my nanoloop 2.7.9 cartridge. asking 55 US dollars shipped (usa only)



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Saskrotch wrote:

what do you mean

n64 is definitely all sample based. dump n64 sounds into any sample based tracker i.e. impulse/schism , milkytracker , piggy tracker , etc etc

download the manual korg has provided on their website and . . . read it.


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b u m p ~ i have two gba ->> cv slave i can include with either of theeeesseee as well.

alex wrote:

It can be 'normal' music



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Saskrotch wrote:

aw man you're basically selling your LSA set

still have my main copy of nano (which is all the material i played out) and enough shit to play back and manipulate samples from all that other gear. :^ )


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things i have: tr-09, tb-03, nanoloop 2.8

the 09 and 03 both have original boxes and documentation. nano is a 2.5 cart updated to 2.8. looking for samplers (boss sp303, roland sp series etc) , an amiga set up, or any other dope non chip devices. cash wise im thinking 50 for the nano and 250 a piece for the 09 and 03. hit me with some offers, y'all.

i am based in detroit. :^ )

*pics upon request*

but what are you trying to do "live" ? almost every sid option is out there


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y'all on a chiptune forum complaining about limitations . .


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herr_prof wrote:

What do you mean? The Digitakt seems awesome.

best hardware sampler / sequencer to come out in a real hot minute