Thanks! It's totally corny, I know. But I think that's ok in this case.

Look! I've put together an album in honor of what will in all likelihood be my last show for a very long time. … age-idiots

This album is a compilation of compositions created over the last four years. The tracks are all loosely based around the theme of growing up in New York in the 90's.

Like my adolescence, this album is sloppy, aimless, loud, poorly presented, sometimes embarrassing, badly recorded, and quite possibly only fun for me.

released 28 August 2012
Special thanks on this album are for Josh Davis AKA Bit Shifter, Chris Burke AKA Glomag, and Ricardo Almonte AKA Da Pantz AKA Ricky Brugal.

Just for being decent fellows, really


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I'm just glad all you damn foreigners will stay out of my city and away from our New York women.

Moriokun wrote:

Hopefully kozue255's Chip Music Chronicle will deliver with recordings. This guy gets basically any show in the Northeast US.

This "guy" is actually a girl named Emily Feder.

In fact, I think FlashHeart might have to sneak out for a quick few celebratory glasses of the widow after our set.

It might be a bit expensive, but don't worry, The House is only a few blocks away and this is their wine list:


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Less than a week til we play Blip Festival!

Just a reminder if anyone wants to have some idea of what FlashHeart sounds like: … l-bootleg/


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SKGB wrote:

official bootleg. i believe that's an oxymoron

Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2102 getting the joke competition.


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You people clearly have discerning taste. Thank you.


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Thanks everybody, I'm glad you're enjoying this! We're so excited to be playing the festival this year.

I think the best option is to take this every night:


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FlashHeart wants people to have some idea of what we sound like before seeing us play live at the Blip Festival. So we’ve hastily put together “If At First You Don’t Succeed…Failure Might Be Your Style.”

This is a bootleg recording. It’s sloppy, noisy, and filled with mistakes and champagne-and-hormone-fueled enthusiasm. We don’t know how to make things sound nice and polished. If you’d like to mix or master or whatever-it-is to these tracks please be our guest. If you’d like to record us properly please get in touch. Until then, you’ll simply have to make do with this youthful squall.


Tracks 11-23 Recorded by Emily Feder of Chip Music Chronicle:

Cover photo by Ben Mason:

I just hope Josh capitalizes on this and makes T-Shirts that say


in the DIO font.

HAHA! Josh Davis = Ronnie James Dio. Brilliant, Luke!