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new sesh thats a little bit shorter, i guess famicom lovesong vibes on this one. check it out.


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my tribute to mr iwata. all hal titles with the exception of the first track, which made it almost entirely too difficult to do this, because that first track was the first of all the vgm that i did. but here it is. dudes death is is too heavy for me. thanks for checkin out the tunes if you did.


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hehe, i tried to put at least 2 or 3 tss original sets up there so far..theres just a ridiculous amount of material to even peel through now. somewhere around 350 hours worth of sessions now. of course it takes forever to get flacs up, but over time i'll get more up.


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just uploaded this one, its all songs about ninjas.



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yesterday was the 6th anniversary of c&s stock reports..i started making these recordings in july 2009 to learn songs i was into, get better with my mixing skills, get better at my playing. some of it was practice for shows, or used for remixes. this was basically a big secret that i started to feel guilty about keeping a secret.

theres many vgm'z, and many chips by different friends that ive learned from over the years. i dont have anything from that 09-11 period up yet, but its coming after i remaster it a little bit. uploading large .flacs to bandcamp is very stressful on my feeble internet connection. hard to say how much of that earlier stuff was super listenable for sharing, some of it probably is. but whats up here is some of my fav briskets that have came outta the oven. so far in 2015 thus far, i've done 267 stock reports, so thats a pretty high average for multiple sessions in a day and as you can imagine, theres a lot. right now theres 25, maybe 30 hours worth of music up there from the tss universe and all other universes and a good bit of it is quite intense, im sure its overwhelming to go through this material but i tried to make it as palatable as possible when i started doing this. a good bit of it was to be able to learn from my mistakes, you may not hear mistakes, but i do. but hey, if you enjoy chiptunes, and you enjoy killdrumming, you'll certainly enjoy these. dig it.


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bumping this thread in memory of duracell with this, as it seems fitting


this is basically chips and drums on parade....yesterday was the 6th anniversary of c&s stock reports..i started making these recordings in 2009 when i got more than 800 or so watts worth of amp to work with. check it out


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heres his collab with dj scotch egg

http://tempsoundsolutions.arnoldascher. … titled.mp3


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i do a lot of the same kind of stuff that he does in terms of volume and combining chip and drums and its definitely taking its toll on my hearing, then again ive been tracking vgm albums with drums and headphones on for 15+ years now and that didnt do me any favors im sure.. he had told me his hearing was fucked but he didnt get into detail, did he say if it was a confined incident or what. i stopped wearing earplugs in 2008 and i take much more than a full stack when i practice a few times daily so it makes me wonder about the details, maybe he had some amps super hardcore loud.. when you combine live drums and chips, you have to be really really careful. thankfully i have, but the longterm exposure has still killed my hearing, i wont lie. i counteract it by getting a lot of magnesium and potassium and it does help a good bit, but i dont let up at all so while i probably dont have hearing loss, i definitely have some hearing damage.


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i too recently searched andre out. the trail has gone cold. up until about 2011 i was in contact with him through email but it came up not working the next time i wrote him back. unfortunately it seems like he probably doesnt want to be contacted. as for how his setup works, its like this:


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why not ask the guy in the comments to credit the music so everyone knows? that seems like the path of least resistance and probably what they should be doing anyway


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mml3 is the titletheme from ys 2. it will be on the upcoming tempsoundsolutions album 'now youre playing with powar x2: the famicom wars 2'


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https://soundcloud.com/tempsoundsolutio … -i92w81-mx

give 'er a listen..


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in my mind


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he has a strain of weed named after him, you know

this is the better video to be linkin around ya'll