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harsh? you called him a total and utter nutjob right from the start, ahah


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at least he is fully transparent about this being e-waste


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i have one if it helps.



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+1 - research your stuff, theres loads of Sega artists (my self included) a simple Google doesn't hurt


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tbh your music sounds like something from Myspace in 2008 so there's a reason i havent heard of you


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i ran acidwarp on an 8088 in the 90s, konichiwa


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im great at scorched earth


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did you get sand in your gameboy in thailand? how'd you deal with that? bet it happens to kanye and riff raff all the time in dubai


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new track added
https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … monogatari


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ill be adding songs to this every few weeks. nonalbum/compilation/extraneous material recorded over the past year.

https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … agments-16


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make your own samples, delete them after you use them. that is, if you want to be creating. or at the very least, find your own samples. not saying this to be a dick. im saying this because if you want to write stuff that works with inspiration and creating something fresh in mind, instead of making music that sounds like what many people have already done..well, anyone would be best off doing their own sampling.

its fun (and you learn a lot from sampling that you can apply to things like mixing/mastering), and it derives creativity from what you hear in your own head. saying 'man, i wish i had a sample of that', well, if you're wishing it, then you can just as easily make it or invest the time into finding it if you cant. using sounds that other people have already used and used again countless times before makes derivative music and leaves little or nothing for the listener, or at the very least, leaves it up to the author's songwriting ability. if they're into a wide enough range of music, the listener has already heard a lot of what you would already want to use anyway. the only argument i can see against this is that people want to make something thats accessible, and that begins a downward spiral of writing music for the wrong reasons.

think about it: if you give people your samples that you've already used in music or that you sampled from other music, are they going to get into the habit of making their own shit? no, they're gonna continue to be reliant on people either giving them samples, or using what they are able to find. its kind of why we have abominations of sound like trap and dubstep now. you want to encourage people to make their own sounds no matter what.


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most of goto80's stuff is pretty happy. try shnabubula's 'adventure', i think most of thats got a happy feel.


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try going back in time and staying there

lol, like japanese ppl know what that smells like.