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im only trying to get to what exactly you intend to do in actually running the label. look at it this way, if any artist with a following wanted to give you a try, do you not feel like they're entitled to know whether or not you intend to do any promotional work for these releases? an artist with a following would be giving your label something, not the other way around. it sounds more like you wish to run a vanity label and like, do artists not deserve to know what your long term intent is? it seems like you are getting cross with me over asking for more information on something that seems like a bad deal from the start. it also seems like you are saying different things in a lot of what you said and looking at it a bit closer, it carries over to your 'about' page. 'not making any cash off of it' and 'expecting a commission' are not analogous. making 5 copies of a release, then holding onto 5 copies of it for your own personal stock is also not analogous. i think you need a more clear mission statement to be honest if you wish for success.


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ok, well i'll take even less time for this response...is there any incentive in releasing music on your label where you're only planning on releasing 5 copies per release? it sounds like you are more concerned with building a label than you are about what to release. in my experience, this doesnt make a good start. you are asking on a forum for demos, but why not just ask your friends first and release their music and get a few releases lined up before looking for submissions? whats in it for the people who would be otherwise self-releasing their material? what im saying is that you dont seem to have much of a plan here. good faith is good faith, but you're asking people to entrust you with their work, and dubbing off 5 copies of a tape isnt much work to do. i havent seen any mention of digital copies so i can only assume you dont intend for that to be an option. what do you plan on doing in terms of promotion?

when you start a label, its a good idea to release some type of compilation or a release by a well known artist to bring a little bit of attention to your label. it looks like you're more concerned with getting a label up and running with no real plan for the future or incentive to the artist. if someone is releasing music on your label, surely there should be some benefit to them for doing so, right? running a label where theres releases that have as low of print runs as this doesnt seem like something that is going to be beneficial to the music or the artist, so again, what are you bringing to the table beyond dubbing the tapes? is there anything you can offer to a potential artist that their own bandcamp cant other than 'love'? i ask these questions because i have seen more than a few tape releases get screwed up recently.


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right on trev, glad to hear you're an old fan! maybe if you were able to make variable voltage into an effect, it could be cool and make it so that it can offer a little more. i would think that if you were able to do it safely, that it would affect the sound in a way that could be utilized as a selling point. honestly, changing voltage in the hopes of it affecting the sound isnt something that pedals to my knowledge have really utilized too much yet..so maybe theres something in that for you. i would think if you dipped down to 3v that it could maybe drastically affect things and you could get more of a blown out sound with it, but i guess it depends on the od circuit. really kind of a shame, because i feel like i would be the kind of musician who could take advantage of this pedal. unfortunately i feel like while you've got a good idea, theres a little too much going against it, but maybe its not things that would be a dealbreaker if you added a little functionality. i think if you were able to implement maybe one or two more key things into it that it would make a little more stickyness in favor of the pedal toward the price. of course that geiger counter does a ton, but i would see that pedal as your competition-what can you implement to this that would set it apart from that? you've got the factor of price in the geiger counter in your favor, because it is a pricy pedal and i see em come up locally for sale pretty rarely. but maybe if you were able to get a hold of one and put it physically head to head against yours, you could brainstorm on it, maybe add something like a 'jam' function, and of course this might be a bit much to add in, but if you were able to add something like a couple of beat patterns in there, that would probably make people go apeshit on it. its tough to work this kind of thing out from a developer perspective because of not only the time involved in testing stuff out, but going by what you think a consumer would be interested in. but generally i think you do have a good idea here, its just a little too expensive.


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so lemme get this straight.

the artist supplies the music, as well as the scratch to make the release for your label. then you presumably sell it based on trust, and again pay the artist based on trust after the product that they paid to have made has been sold, after you take your commission. what happens if noone buys the tapes or if you cant sell them? have you ever worked with a label before, do you have any credentials of any type to sort of prove to people that you can be trusted? any transactions with members here or anything like that? i ask this because you're asking for people to contribute to you with no risk to yourself and a possible reward to others who work to potentially build your label's releases so i feel like this is a valid question to ask. you also say you dont intend to make any cash from it, but that you will take a commission. all in all, it doesnt sound like a very solid pitch to go about starting a label.


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just my opinion but im thinking this is gonna be outta practically anyone in your target audience's price range, and i would also think anyone who would want something like this would probably pay a little more and buy a geiger counter, or a little less and get one used. they have a lot more to offer. im thinking $150 would even be pushing it if you wanted to sell more than a handful of em. as far as the enclosure itself goes...ugh. to anyone who builds pedals, if you're designing a pedal, please do not put it in a gimmicky enclosure like this. way too much space is going to be taken up on anyones pedalboard with that if they use multiple effects. it only accepting 5v dc may also kill your chances of selling these.


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whichever kind that sparks the least discussion on forums


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get a boss sp-202. theyre cheap and readily available on ebay if you play your cards right.


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new single, this one's from king of kings, the precursor to megami tensei.

https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … kings-pt-1


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no comic sans eh


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heres a new track. with the anime and the vgm and the guitars n drums and all that.

https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … u-outlands


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yo that was some killer tom of finland style promo in that first gay thread.


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i sent it off to the lab. come back in 4-6 weeks for an answer


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you must change the name of your musical project to bacon rageeelr, i think thats how this should probably go yea


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