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welcome to the forum daydreamer, hope you dig it here. theres a ton of information about all different kinds of software, just peel through the subforums, see what people have to say and post. you'll find all kinds of useful tools and samples to write with here.

i recommend checking out schism tracker. some bugfixes just got made to it not long ago and it works really well now. its a clone of impulse tracker, which wont run on any non-dos platforms too easily. i started using it in 1996 or 97 and i still keep a windows 98 machine around for it. of course im assuming youre running a windows machine, but i think theres even mac builds of it too. with schismtracker, it you can bring any kind of samples into it you want of all different types, it supports a lot of file formats. if you start out with it, you might have a lot more ease switching to some of the other stuff like famitracker or even something a little more graphical based in the future too...schism tracker is almost 100% devoted to keyboard input and no mouse, so you can really easily have a good workflow with that where you can get a lot of ideas out and take it to any other program once you feel comfortable with writing and more or less know what to do with a tracker.

i think anything you can do in the other programs you can do in schism a little better more or less too, depends on what you're going for in what you write. also depends on whethre youre into making your own samples. if youre cool with that and do a bunch of your effects before you even start writing, this is the program for you. if you like the idea of making your own samples to write with, that could be somethin to think about. i feel like its always fun to make up some weird samples and see what i can do with em abstractly vs really writing a banger song sometimes, so i would say that matters a good bit, what kind of stuff you want to make vs how much time are you comfortable with spending learning what all the stuff does. you also might find it more beneficial to stick with schism or modplug tracker, which is a little more graphically based program but still uses almost all the same commands, or to use something like famitracker to get a more authentic sound. but maybe schism has the most comprehensive bits of what you'd expect out of a program in terms of the effects you can use on the samples. you have a lot of control with that vs other programs. some people say modplug tracker feels a little bit slow, personally i think its because of the mouse. seems like most programs rely on em to some extent, but everyones diffrent of course. try em all! anyways, i dont wanna try and sell you on it too hard, but thats my recommendation. i hope it helps and that with whatever you use that you can get some good jams goin!


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try ebay, you'll have more luck there

im listening on a system thats got a tube amp and 4 8"s, and that lowend, you could kick it up a little bit, but once you start kicking more bass in, the guitars going to be fighting for a spot in there a little. im half inclined to say if you're putting it on vinyl that depending on where you press it, this may be the best case scenario to press because they'll most likely do a bit of mastering, if the bass is too thick, it'll create a little problem for em in their mastering stages when they do a test, the last thing they want is the needle jumping outta the grooves on their end and then you get back a test press that isnt how you want it and back to hurry up and wait...

i have my bass knob all the way up now and i usually keep it around 80%, so you could eek a lil more in there. id try and put more of the 200-300hz range in there so that the guitars dont get cut into too much, know what i mean? you could even try a combination of that and a really low band like 50-60hz, but dont hit it nearly as much with that lower one. you can experiment too with the lower band because with a dynamic song like that, it might not be beneficial at 50 or 60, you might need to go 80 or 100 even. if you're not too far along in the mixing stage and are feeling the same as how we are, i'd say to put a little more guitar in there too. i know it can be a pain to mix guitars and chip because after a while you sort of get desensitized and start secondguessing it, but id certainly give this one or other ones a listen to give you an objective opinion, thats cool that you wanna do vinyl.

its a really nice track for sure, and with the bass maxed out on my unit like this, its rumbling the desk enough...but maybe you want a little more rumble in there. maybe working in those hz ranges you can get away with not having to remix it all down again and can hit it with a little eq and sort it out. id say that ultimately depends on whether or not you feel like you'd want more guitar in there..but if it were me, id for sure try and look into those two things. great stuff, thanks for sharin it with us.


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thanks guys!


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https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … ja-ryu-tho


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la is kinda fucked now with booking for this kind of stuff it seems, they've had a few spaces on the verge of or potentially closing down which really sucks, because they were longstanding clubs. my advice would be to maybe talk to wizwars, aka kevyn martinez, he books out there and has an acct on the forums here, try facebook tho if you have an acct on it..maybe he can help you get something set up, or if not, maybe knows someone who can help


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5/5 thread, would read again


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good fucking grief. im sure this scumbag will appeal and be out in a year or two regardless of what happens. this legal system is a total joke. i used to know an author who lived in town here for a little while, i wasnt exactly friends with the guy, but i had a bunch of mutual friends with him. an ex of mine was seeing him for a while and the guy's books werent horrible writingwise, so out of curiosity i read one or two of em. the way he wrote and what he wrote about outlined how ill this dude was. the guy was a total narcissism driven psychopath, in fact he got his popularity by cutting his ear off and generally being a sketchball and unhinged. that guy got 15 years in jail in feb for sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl on top of aggravated stalking charges on another girl after he got '_(her name)_ is a nazi' tattooed on his neck. he has his male cat's name tattooed on the other side of his neck and i cant imagine what kind of shit he gets in jail. granted his punishment is stiffer, i still dont see that guy even doing 5 years. its fucked when its this type of person who proves how evil they are and the punishment doesnt fit the crime, as well as any sort of real rehabilitation coming into play, thats the real injustice.


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was this supposed to be an email? because you posted it to a forum.


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https://tempsoundsolutions.bandcamp.com … -dubs-pt-1

yeah we have battletoads


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heres the quality tweets


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someone who started off doing tapes with distribution almost 25 years ago. vinyl too, but its been more than 10 years since then. and tons and tons of releases both on tape and cdr as well as netlabels, and arranged as well as taken part in more compilations than i can count. but what do i know, right?


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how is it bashing by asking for clarification? he posted an outlay of his plan that didnt address a lot of important things and also had a bit of contradiction to what he presented here. i didnt say anything rude. i only said it seemed like a pretty disjointed plan, and when you say different things in regard to something like this, its probably best to be transparent and forthcoming with answers if you want both sides to be happy. no need for hurt feelings either, the guy was asking for uk based people and while thats not me, that doesnt mean i wouldnt have maybe pointed people in his direction.


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its not advice, and to wit, i disagree with the way you are going about trying to start a label, ahahah