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i have issues with you for many reasons, but the ones youve mentioned have no bearing here. and i see you've pm'd me, but so i've pm'd you back accordingly. i hope its to your 'approval'.


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avoid acapella vgm, its reptilianmode propaganda that feeds baphomet.


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if you're looking to circuitbend, start with something easy. maybe a pt-1 or an sk-1. a ps2 has tons of discrete circuits that you're not gonna be able to bend.


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none of this answers this question, and ive avoided asking the question, lol. unless the staff are willing to find a way to breathe some life back into this joint, and i dont think they are, i will likely recognize bad vibes and the 'as a' platitudes continue any time as i see em. or i say somethin. too commonly they come from the staff, too commonly from that guy in particular. but hey, bitch at people in a for sale thread because you're an admin and you feel it'll help. that'll definitely make people wanna keep coming back to the site.


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why are you a staff member, btw

only 20? you've got some custom work done on it, dont rob yourself there. unless you're just tryin to off it and get it into the hands of someone else, i'd say thats worth a lil more than that brotha. hell a stock nes usually goes for more than 20 now doesnt it? should up a pic of it too, i think i saw it once upon a time.


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youre the man stu, love it!


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welcome! always cool to see new chiptunes from asian countries. hope you enjoy it here!

in 4f73r


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hey thanks a bunch catskull, i give em a whack every damn day, ahah! chipmusic is tough to keep on top of when youre a drummer, you've got virtually zero latency if you want it to sound good, so doing a whole set of em, it really requires paying attention to all of it like its one big song. im gonna try and continue putting up daily vids, its a big timesink, but i feel like i should continue with it. here's some vids from the 6th, featuring tunes by zzzv, more fcp3 entries, and a super crate box medley. theres also a b-side for that set on the 5th where i did songs by fod, shnabubula, zabutom and many others, hit up the youtube for that. but heres the scb medley and some zan tunes i dusted off. thanks again for listening!


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new vids from yesterday, check em out.


entry002 original fcp3
dracula x
puzzle bobble
entry085 original fcp3
pizza rolls
quarantime woman
megaman infamous intent track 44
entry077 cover fcp3


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go listen!


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awww [email protected]!


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mosdef, spread it around, i linked it on reddit but if anyone's on any random forums and stuff like that post about it there too! great stuff t80!


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totally, i saw it posted on fb, then popped over here and saw no thread. new t80 releases gotta get yelled at the rooftops, ahah!


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3 track ep in honor of the eclipse. too awesome!