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thats how they all start, either with that or hot butter popcorn


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selling a nanoloop 1.5 cartridge, with manual. nanoloop is cased. $75 shipped within the US. if you're outta the country we can figure out fair shipping.


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how do i write a song please explain me

just make sure the seller declares everything as 'hair tonic tablets', works like a charm everytime.


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this is GREAT. right up my alley. i get a music dewolfe vibe from these songs hardcore. i also get a tss vibe from em in the songwriting mode. its hard to find music that gets you horny these days, thanks for this chippanze.

https://mountainchiefs.bandcamp.com/alb … tage-split

tss is rapidly approaching its 19th birthday and 15 of those years with vgm, so what better way to usher a new era of chipmusic and vgm in. so....we released this, theres some chip in it...but this is one of those greyzone things where you dont know if its chiptune or not, yet you eat it up regardless because its like a dog gettin two dinners. take it as you may, as the mountain chiefs arent chip, but what they are playing certainly is some of the best chiptunes ever written. so let it be written, so let it be done. never enough journey to silius endtheme, parts 2 & 3. thanks for listening if you do.


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did connor play a tri-tip or a sirloin?

i think if you wait a week or so qb will have it uploaded to his youtube.

you can message elijah afonso on facebook.


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really cool of you, and really cool stickers big_smile

get dat too

that will probably be the loudest thing you can get for the size...if you're busking chiptunes, they're also lightweight.


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rollin around hard here in the classic famicom style


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https://candsstockreports.bandcamp.com/ … -24-15-pt1

new tunes in there. from the game with the mouse with the white gloves and the shovel guy. check it out.


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