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final fantasy tactics advance


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man, everyone would use the same sounds...
filled out

this thread makes me uncomfortable



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Egypt is under new leadership now

ABSRDST is a stand out artist

You are filled in

How can it be said that chiptune is a genre?

Those same people must say that guitar is a genre.
People use "chiptune" in music that does not feature exclusively "chiptune" instrumentation just like people use "guitar" for music that would not make sense being categorized as "guitar"

things come and go, but these days nothing ever really dies. there is an audience and there will always be some kind of chip scene.

I do think that we will look back at stuff like Blip Fest and shiz like it was the "golden age" or something. chiptune woodstock.

did i ever start?


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The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead"
thats all

*duplicate post^^^^^^
why is this happening again?

i dont know if you are even making "music"


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PA ftw
you would survive if you used a guitar amp though

chiptune is not really a genre, at least to me
its a means to an end

herr_prof wrote:

I prefer it the existing way. One handedness rules!

but what about these guys using tablets?

that would be interesting for sure, but I would only support it if I could disable it if i wanted
i do not want any accidental screen rotations when I'm in the zone

heart iNano posts


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duplicate post^^^^


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already out yo