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I used the 2MB version and it's great

LSDJ works perfectly, LittleFM works too

please be aware that you will need a flasher to read or write the cart

I only tested it with linux, and it's wonderful

All the drivers and the software are open sourced and did work immediately

To summarize: very happy with this cart ;-)

Andrex wrote:

Man I wish LSDJ was GPL or MPL...
Edit- I fully support developers making a living though! Just saying hypothetically, a world where LSDJ were open source would be a better one.

I think Johan doesn't want uncontrolled forks of LSDJ in the wild...

And I am sure also that the money is not what motivates him to support and enhance LSDJ

There is also ardour and LMMS, depending on your needs

radium seems interesting too

Apeshit wrote:

We have a small batch of cartridges pending a few software adjustments, and then the contributors will receive their limited edition carts, and the standard edition will follow shortly afterwards. We're on track to have these delivered for Halloween 2019!


Apeshit wrote:

We may shoot for Halloween 2019.

OK, thanks!

Are the physical carts still being made?


is it possible to listen to those tracks or FXs with a .gbs player?
I tried several track from the games from the above list with an android player and gbsplay, and I couldn't hear any digi...

wow, nice!
Support for other chips such as YM2151 would be cool!

oh they are back in stock! cool thx


Speaking of CopyNES, they seem to be quite hard to find...

Do you know any alternative that can be acquired more easily?

Duck wrote:

multichannel MIDI controlled LSDJ?

There is MGB https://github.com/trash80/mGB, but it misses the 'LSDJ' part of your request ;-)

LSDJ can be controlled in MIDI too

Ledfyr wrote:

Did I understand your use case correctly?

I think so.
Except that I will try to write my own gb software, and to use the teensyboy with it, not with LSDJ ;-)

wow, impressive!
So, speaking about instruments, can FM Composer do everything a YM2151 or a YM2612 does, for instance?

@ledfyr I have a question: if I buy a teensyboy from Catskull, do you know if it will be able to send data to the GB too (using the USB port)?
I know I will have to code this, but I am asking if the hardware is supporting this


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These interfaces are exactly the ones emulated in the kerberos interface (http://www.frank-buss.de/kerberos/users-guide.pdf), so yeas they appear to be amongst the most popular.
Station64 (http://djindikator.net/c64/v24/sta64.txt) emulates them too, in addition to HerMIDI.

@catskull could you also ask him if he would agree to release syncable or MIDI versions of his software?