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Holy sweet mother of techno, chipman. 

Not since x|k has a chip-tech release been this good.


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Loving the NES tunes; very nice shift in tone from previous trackers while still invoking the essential characteristics.  Imagining the game that they would accompany is very rewarding. 

Also, "First in a series"?  Sounds promising.


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It feels so great to be, at once, awed by the skill of the artist and know that he/she can and will post in the same threads that you do, just like any other person.  It's sort of surreal, but it's actually the way things should be.  Thanks Luke, the tracks are great.


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Stellar.  You have a very interesting style; the ep feels featherlight and it just sort of floats from beginning to end.  Beautiful.


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danimal cannon wrote:

I'll be there, but no idea about chip related stuff there as of yet.  I really have no idea if the traditional "venue" which has been jamspace will be there this year.

Would hate to see it be left out this year - seemed to be going pretty strong in both 2012 and 2013; if there seems to be enough interest from the community, I'm sure they'll throw it in there.  Maybe we just need to be that interest.


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Because this is general discussion about an event which is still 5 months away, I figured General was a better place to post about it.


PAX East 2014 tickets went on sale a few weeks ago and sold out very promptly - I'm gonna take a guess, considering the great chip events that happen every year at PAX East, and say that a fair few of you have chosen to attend. 

So who's going?  Is anybody gonna try and weasel their way into the performer's booth?  For that matter, is anybody here opening a booth on the expo floor?  What's your favorite thing about the music at PAX East?

Brother Android wrote:

I don't know if this is the place to ask, but does anyone think a cassette release of Space Hymns is a good idea?

Not sure if I'd choose Space Hymns (or Satellite for that matter, both of which are awesome but a little too abstract to warrant a physical release, I think), but your music has just been begging for a cassette release.  I'd be equally happy to have In Death a Dream of Color, OctNovDec, or I Wish I Were Your Derivative on cassette though.  Or all 3.  That would be beyond words. 

SketchMan3 wrote:

Yeah man. It had a very cryptic and sterile feeling that was very fun for me to navigate. It fit the "Brother Android" persona very well, in my opinion. Some people at another forum I frequented thought it was neat also.

I second this, made me feel something similar to this.  Actually quite easy to navigate too - here are the downloads, click the button and receive them.  I'm surprised how many labels these days make it practically as difficult as possible to hear a stream of the music.  Bandcamp is awesome, no reason to stop using that - but why not have the download links on your site simply redirect to Bandcamp?  Just a thought.

Opening the "Releases" forum and seeing a new Brother Android release is squee-inducingly awesome.

"In Death a Dream of Color" is the closest chipmusic has to its own tour de force, and in that album it was really interesting to see how your sound had evolved since previous work on, say, OctNovDec, and now with Black Gate it's cool to see how you've evolved it even further, adapting and refining a sound that was already unique.

Really nice use of filters, like Comptroller said it doesn't even sound like SID music.


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Holy shit.  Talk about a unique sound.

Moriokun wrote:

Please. Stop.

Stop what?

Making such awesome music.  This is one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time.


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I love the sound of this release, so much power to it.


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Very chill, but it has this very interesting energy running through it that doesn't clash with the ambience.  Nice job smile


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I'd download this as a mix.

Sick, I love your pixel art but it's great to see that you can throw down some killer NES tracks too smile

Also that album art is awesome.

I'm loving that album art (and real nice avatar, btw). 

The music has a feel that's all it's own, too, very nice smile