This is really, really interesting stuff.  More than that, it's innovative.  Can't wait to see what you do next.

Not usually a big fan of pure LSDJ releases (despite the huge number of LSDJ users, the talent pool is increasingly small), I've got to say that you're one of the best LSDJ artists out there right now.


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I've got a pretty small but elite collection; I've seen and immensely enjoyed a lot of movies, but I try to keep it trim:

Quentin Tarantino's collection (everything through Kill Bill Vol 2)
Stanley Kubrick collection (everything since Lolita)
Titan A.E.
Lord of The Rings Extended Editions
Sucker Punch
Evil Dead II

Looking to add:
The Dark Knight
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
The Seven Samurai
Ghost In The Shell
Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh version)
Romeo & Juliet (original)
Heavy Metal
Enter the Void


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ui wrote:

ASTRONAUTA by iloveui, on Flickr

Dude, you're so awesome at making characters, but have you tried doing anything on a larger scale?  Like entire scenes?


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IndieBit wrote:

It's a little bit different from this, in a nutshell the music (the "main melody") doesn't change with the game, but it is composed by the game.
It's complex to explain in brief, it's different from all music games available.

Difficult though it may be to articulate, I get the feeling that a more concrete explanation will get you far more positive, constructive responses.  As it stands your idea is extremely vague and honestly sounds a little bit crazy, even though it probably isn't. Assuming I even understand it correctly.


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Sound like a good idea smile

For the record, if it wasn't obvious from the URL I go by the alias "Pl4t0" on Steam.


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Good vocals in chipmusic are a rarity, and these are great.  Really interesting stuff smile

godinpants wrote:

Gameboys, functional or not, are a great contraceptive.

As in, as soon as anybody sees you trying to situate one they run the other direction, so there's no chance of anything happening in the first place?


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danimal cannon wrote:

All it needs is a cyberpunk ninja doing a gargoyle crouch on the lip of a skyscraper's rooftop in the foreground, facing away from the viewer...but I'm absolutely happy with this awesome picture.  Incredible work, with or without cyberpunk ninjas.


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I'm not aware of one that works like the SID, but Nanoloop, Sunvox, and Milkytracker are all available on Android.  Milkytracker has a somewhat muddled interface, but it's my favorite.


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Having a title exempts that graph from a lot of scrutiny.


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This is awesome!  While it is definitely a lot more work, putting together a variety of chips and styles into a single album makes for something really interesting.  There's something to be said for homogeneity, but heterogeneity can be just as (if not more) interesting and entertaining. 

Question: will we have to wait another 5 years for the next one?


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munchluxe63 wrote:

I'm so bad at this...

But I have so many palettes...

Eh, screw palettes.  Create something that looks good, simplify.


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As I commented on the song itself, the really high frequencies are a bit unpleasant, but otherwise the song is very solid.

Moving forward, I think you just need to focus on making the sound more interesting overall.


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In Sumeria, they worshiped binary.  In Chichen Itza, they worshiped the Pulse wave.


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