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Post your thoughts on or let us know about the latest thing you just read/listened to/watched/otherwise consumed.

Simple, right?
I'll go first:

Of course, I saw Prometheus last weekend.  All I've got to say is that it shines through brighter in some spots than others (and at some points, it REALLY shines).  There were points that had me on the edge of my seat, and there were moments that had me cocking an eyebrow.  Nice to know where the Space Jockeys came from, but a real nerd knows that they're actually just extending an old story from the comic books to officially become Aliens canon...

Just finished reading "A Small Town in Germany" - John Le Carre, same guy that wrote "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".  He has a way with words that I simply can't do justice; unlike most spy novels, which are international globe-trotting affairs, he makes the expansive cities of Cold War West Germany feel cramped and claustrophobic.  Glacial in pace but meticulous and articulate in a way that I've literally never seen before.

MushiShi is a very interesting show.  I like anime, but I generally confine myself to a few of its more comfortable corners.  MushiShi falls very neatly into the "Quiet, relaxed, stimulating" corner, with a dash of the Twilight Zone thrown in and some Ghibli-like imagination to boot.

Oh, speaking of anime, I've been keeping up with the return of Toonami.  Deadman Wonderland and Cashern Sins are both awesome, with any luck they'll be adding a number of new shows if the ratings keep trending up, as they have been for the past few weeks.

Your turn.


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That is some absolutely amazing album art.


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This is great dude big_smile

Edit: the "extras" folder is particularly interesting...


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I really like it, particularly "Infinity" and "I think I'm a Wizard!", the latter of which is just brilliant smile

Saskrotch wrote:

i mean shit, what the am i supposed to say when someone asks how to buy some shit that hasn't been made in years?

Granted, they haven't made DMG's for years.


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Where the magic happens.

EDIT: Forgot the link to the track.  Not entirely necessary, I suppose, but still:

Recorded my first track off a DMG,

Copy-pasted from the submission, because laziness:

MegaMantra wrote:

It NEEDS criticism, namely two things (among anything else you can imagine): A) did the recording turn out okay, and B) did I manage to create a "full" sound with the song?  As in, is it painfully obvious that I'm a noob with no idea what he's doing or does it at least come close to sounding like something you'd expect from a pro?  Again, if you can tell me why I deserve it then feel free to tear me a new one.

So, yeah, let me know what you think.


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Awesome!  Thanks.

Thanks for deciding to include the .sav files, if the full thing is as awesome as the preview sounds then they will be very useful smile


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Love the very thick-but-gritty sound.  I thought it was a little bit overwhelming (just a bit) at a few points as I jumped through the tracks but overall it's very imaginative, and imagination-provoking music is the best kind of music in my opinion.


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Ralp wrote:


God, I need a shower after listening to this.  Very nice work.


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There's a lot of potential in here, some of it sounds really cool, but as it stands the album just sounds like a pile of noise.  As Datathrash has proven, if a pile of noise has some structure holding it together then it can be just as compelling as "regular" chipmusic...I just don't see any real structure to the music.  Listen to L-tron's advice.

Being pretty close to Boston, it actually couldn't get much better.


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Nice!  Would probably make a cool shirt, at least.

There's something to be said for utter chaos.  The music in the background catches the glitch aesthetic very nicely...surprisingly cohesive, too...neat.

chiptrolley wrote:

nice man, i really like that pause that comes near the start, it breaks well. im looking for bad things but i just cant find much, i mean all you can really do is add stuff, little sounds here and there to accent the overall sound, but that is just what i personally would do.

good stuff geeza smile

Thanks, I appreciate it.  Looking at the .ftm file, it is significantly more bare than most of the others I've seen...might have to go back to it one day smile