I've been lurking around for a bit now, but I'm definitely still new enough here to warrant an introduction.

The name's Brett, and until a few months ago I didn't even know what the word "tracker" meant.  I love every kind of music short of Country and the bad side of rap, but for some reason never lent much thought to making it until now.  Bounced around between a bunch of different programs for a little while before finally settling on LSDJ and Famitracker.  Still a student, so my life outside of chiptuning and media consumption isn't particularly eventful, but I do just fine - besides creating a musical legacy, I've promised myself I'm going to write a novel in the next 2 years or so. 

So far I've only really got a few neat loops and a quasi-song to my name (which you may have seen posted previously): http://chipmusic.org/megamantra/music/v-for-voxel
With any luck and a lot of practice that'll be changing soon smile

VCMG wrote:

This is actually really good for a first song. You say you're "generally new" to making music. How much musical experience do you have?

Thanks!  I used to play the piano a few years ago (it never really amounted to much - if you sat me down in front of one I couldn't do anything nowadays) and I've bounced between a few trackers for the past month or so, finally settled on a mix of LSDJ and Famitracker. 

VCMG wrote:

There could be some more harmony underneath the melody (maybe have the second pulse channel do a harmony line instead of doing an octave unison on the first), and there's some questionable bass notes, but overall it's a lot better than most first songs I've heard.

Indeed.  I wrote the melody first on this one - my brain can wrap itself much better around these sorts of things when I write the underlying elements (harmony, beat, bassline, etc.) first, and work a melody around those instead.  In any case, I think you're definitely correct.

So, I finally managed to finish something and have posted it here:


I'm a complete and utter noob - I'm new to tracking, I'm new to chiptunes, I'm generally new to making music.  What I've made here (which is rather short, I admit) sounds pretty decent to my ears, but I have no idea how they're going to sound to a random stranger who's hearing it for the first time, so please; tear this thing apart under the condition that you tell me how to build it back up again.

I'm working with Famitracker, so I might as well throw the .ftm at you as well:


As I said, criticism, whether it is specific to the song or about using Famitracker/tracking in general, is totally welcome.