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It's like...if LSDJ had a Super Saiyan...

Digital for affordability and accessibility.

Physical for being able to hold the thing in my hands, gives it much greater value, the reason that vinyl is still a viable medium for distributing music.

I use, but only because regular Paint doesn't zoom in far enough on very small (40x40 or so) images.  Due to the nature of Pixel art, the tools don't really need to be all that complex, it's far more about the one using them (the same could be said for many things, but pixel art especially).


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1. Brother Android - In Death, A Dream of Color
2. Knife City - Knife City
3. Xyce - Mosaik
4. Retro City Rampage Soundtrack
5. Space Boyfriend - Space Boyfriend

I was listening to Brother Android looooong before I got interested in the chiptune community as a whole.  And his stuff just keeps getting better.
Knife City's debut is just...well, when an artist's debut is dishing out sounds I've never really heard from a gameboy before, they're doing something right.
When Xyce's album was released a few days ago I was surprised to find that they had created some of the finest chiptunes I've ever heard.  I will stand by that statement.
Retro City Rampage - one of the few games that I would rather listen to than play.
And finally, Space Boyfriend's album is just plain fun.  Not necessarily even one of the "best" or most technically sound albums I've heard this year so far, but that doesn't matter when the album in question is committed to just being enjoyable, and it delivers.


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The road less travelled.


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These are quite possibly some of the best chiptunes I have ever heard.  Amazing work.


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Awesome!  The LSDJ .sav is a really nice bonus, will definitely be poring over that (the music is really cool too smile)


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fuxter wrote:
MegaMantra wrote:

The real question is, however, have you read The Diamond Age?

now i have to =]

It runs a lot deeper beneath the surface than Snow Crash did, and it isn't quite as overtly fun, but it's unmistakably Stephenson, and his imagination just runs wild with the far future (as opposed to the day-after-tomorrow of Snow Crash).

That was actually really, really good.


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Ninja Gaiden
Megaman III
GlitchNES (v1)

Tetris and LSDJ errday


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fuxter wrote:

reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. goes slowly.

8-Bit-Rex wrote:
fuxter wrote:

reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. goes slowly.

My favorite book of all time. Without question.

Great minds think alike.  It's just fun in ways that nobody else can seem to match.  Through the Looking Glass for the digital age. 

The real question is, however, have you read The Diamond Age?


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walter b. gentle wrote:

i don't watch much but i like to read manga. trying to finish tropical citron , ultra heavan, and planetes at the moment. plus i usually snag the new gantz translations as soon as theyre released.
oh and ive been playing lsd: the dream emulator and have been trying to figure out how to play nethack without dying constantly.

Manga is pretty cool smile
I've been keeping up with the (painfully slow but hastily translated) releases of "It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!", if my avatar is any indication.  Comes highly recommended.  I've been meaning to give Planetes a look for some time, I'll have to get on that I guess.

The LSD dream emulator looks...well, kinda crazy.  I don't know if it's the good kind of crazy, but it's got that going for it at least.


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Cooshinator wrote:

Just recently read "1984", super fantastic; it's both exciting and thought provoking on a massive scale. I'm in the middle of "Brave New World", "The Diversity of Life", "The Stand" and some others. All are very good so far. Also just read "To Kill a Mockingbird". Very good, but it's way too simple and not in depth enough to be the masterpiece some people make it out to be

1984 churns my stomach.  There is only one fact in which I take comfort:
The Inner Party draws its members from the ranks of the Outer Party, those who have been purposefully brainwashed.  O'brien speaks of the ultimate victory of Big Brother and the Party, but neglects to mention that the logic behind the processes that were/are used to control the populace will be lost upon those who are already under their sway.  A brainwashed member of the Outer Party will not really be able to grasp just how total their victory is when their frame of reference doesn't extend any farther than the purview of the Party's history (which is, to them, eternal and immortal).  O'brien knows of the time before the Party, and so he can grasp the nature of the power he wields, but the next generation will be so intellectually and emotionally stunted that their capacity to enjoy or understand that power will be limited in the extreme. 

ANYWAYS, Brave New World is similarly great.  Despite its simplicity, I still really like "To Kill A Mockingbird" as well.


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Je Mappelle wrote:

I really want to play DayZ, so far I have only watched videos, but it looks like a great game to play with friends. It's like a "realistic" zombie apocalypse mod for ARMA 2.

I used to be REALLY into ARMA II, and after tinkering a little with DayZ I can confirm that as a result of being a part of that wargaming platform it is pretty much as close as you're going to get to a realistic zombie apocalypse experience.

Je Mappelle wrote:

I recently got linked to this short anime. It's very pleasant, cute and inspiring. You should take 5 minutes of your day to watch it. smile)))))))))))))))))))))

That is absolutely brilliant.  Thanks for sharing smile


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Feryl wrote:

Looking forward to seeing "The Dark Knight Rises". I've been watching those movies for years. Chris Nolan is an awesomely talented filmmaker. I may also get the soundtrack as well... I have the other two already.

Chris Nolan can do pretty much anything; I think he's got this one in the bag.  Also, Hans Zimmer big_smile

Feryl wrote:

"There Will Be Blood" looks extremely compelling and well-made, but I haven't seen it yet.

It is.  No idea how it compares to the book, but Daniel Day Lewis is easily one of the best actors in the world and the rest of the production is certainly up to that standard.

bryface wrote:

if you liked Cowboy Bebop then you simply must watch this series.  it's about jazz.  it's got Shinichiro Watanabe directing.  and it's got Yoko Kanno doing the music.  i don't need to say any more.

Indeed, 'nuff said.  I'll have to check that out.