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Brother Android's October November December, I think. Does Aivi and Surasshu's Black Box count as chiptune? it's relaxing, but it has piano.


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I forgive, from the bottom of my heart

Sounds pretty cool smile

Wow, totally forgot he went by skinnyhead back in the day. XD. He goes by pug on irc now.


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This is really cool, haha. Feels actually metal \m/


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4mat is tails dad

urbster1 wrote:

short summary of the video: the CD audio was found to be indistinguishable from 128kbps soundtrack MP3s from 2001, implying that they pressed the CD with lossy compressed source audio sad

Lazy cheapskates
Edit: Or... Maybe there is no lossless source available?


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There are a ton of styluses for phones... no need to wish.. choose your pick, lol


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Huh, okay. Cool. So this is a hype thread. My brain must've derped @ upcoming. Looking forward to it. Sounds like it'll be intense.

This sub-forum is for actual release announcements. We have an "upcoming releases" thread for posts like these.


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Alpine wrote:
SketchMan3 wrote:

Learn music composition



also filters

To expound... Even just the basics of classical composing techniquez can help.

Or you can just throw in a cmshot and magically a whole new world of tonal exploration is open to yewww

I remember danimal cannon doing a tutorial on this?


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Learn music composition

Since sometimes song titles and thread titles are too long to fit in the space allotted, it would be cool if hovering over a song in the music section or a thread in the forums displayed a tooltip that shows the full title.


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theghostservant wrote:
my.Explosion wrote:

I remember this one time, the C said something like "1 new message" and I got fooled into thinking someone gave a crap. that was great :')

... and mean. neutral


hahaha, I remember lurking that thread. Topz.

Wow, cool yikes