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Good musicians writing good music


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BLEO wrote:

Oh hell yes! For years now I've known godinpants as an awesome online bro, but somehow I've overlooked godinpants as awesome musical artist. Listened to this and then a bunch of your back catalogue. Killer stuff, mang!

Yes! His noise-channel-only lsdj experiment from 4-6 years ago is still one of my favorite jams.

Edit: Couch Expert made me tear up... perfect time... what I'm going through... thank u for writing something so relatable.

Cool! I recognize some of this music from past releases big_smile


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I just saw a youtube video that featured the game Knights of the Round today.

Cool song, I dig it!


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ryba wrote:

eh.anything less personal?

Have they made impersonal google and dropbox accounts harder to set up now? Could just set up a throwaway account.

Searching "free file sharing service" in a search engine might get you something that suits your tastes... I know there are a few out there for dropping large files.
Mediafire might work well for you.

Hooray for posterity! \o/


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There's a band called Crying whose early works do this.
I really love the audio engineering in Kubbi's music. Very crisp blend of electric guitars and chip without either being drowned out or fatiguing of the ears. Haven't heard anyone do it better.
MicroD does chip and drums.
Band called Pajjama posted a progressive rock EP here called "Starch" that had FM Synthy chip sounds.


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Yay new Brother Android. I dig dis.


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I dig it on my laptop-quality speakers, lol. I like the feel of it and the weirdness. I don't really get a sense of jazz from it, but I'll listen more on better equipment later.. Sounded like the kind of thing I would compose when I'm feeling sociopathic, lol. It's stuck in my head now, thanks tongue

I kinda skipped around listening to it. Didn't listen all the way through. Just looking for key points.


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But what is the music like


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I wish other genres of music plugged their music with a medium and gear overview. Genuinely. Lol.


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Maybe put an octave pedal on that bass guitar. Nice chords! Melody feels just a tiny teeny tiiiiny bit aimless at times, but it's all cool. I agree with HimsyPimsy. I feel like the lead could play with the mindset of a funky flute.