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That's why this list is a thing. To avoid people having to wade through.

Not sure what you mean by "midi sequences" or what that has to do with soul, but that's okay.

Strobe's tracker animation modules are must-haves

I like your first track that's on soundcloud. Just make what you like.


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Sounds like an awesome event

I guess these people don't put any time or effort into making an actual good game with good graphics, programming, level design, and game play and have an over-inflated sense of value in their sup-par generic product. It makes sense that they would think that their game is worthy of 15 GREAT 1-2 minute tracks to be done in 15 days with no pay. They probably spent about 15 days of low-effort work in Game Maker throwing this together with no budget and think it's Great, so I can understand expecting a musician to spend 15 days of low-effort work to produce something "Great".

What you really meant to ask for is 15 mediocre uninspired generic 30 second loops to match the mediocre uninspired sprite edits, programming, and game design talent that went into this.

Not trying to be mean. Just real. I bet the game is a fun freeware game for what it is smile Don't let this discourage you. Keep on keeping on, make the game the best it can be and I'm sure people will enjoy it.

Compensation : The name of your game appears in the liner notes of the OST release page on bandcamp.com



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https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3988 … read-this/

Btw, There are ways to make chipmusic for specific old hardware systems without trackers, but that involves, like, actual prograwming and data conversions and stuff tongue Also, have you listened to really good famitracker tracks? It can do a lot of cool stuff (including fm synthesis)


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Wow, sick sounds


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Nice big_smile very good sounds heart


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This is heart-warming

Lava Palace is groovy afff


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Two of my favorite sad chipszybipzies


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Oh, oh nice, cool remixes

a lot of the short envelope square wave counter-lead licks don't seem like they're really saying anything. Just playing notes for the sake of playing notes.
Has a cool slightly ominous atmosphere, and the... unconventional... chord progressions are kinda interesting. Sometimes feels like the unconventionality and note clashing isn't intentional, though. Cool beats. Keep bit up! Learn music theory regarding scales and arpeggios and matching those to the chord being played at any given moment.

Anything good will be frowned upon by somebody


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Here's another thing you can do: keep doin yo thang. Sounds cool. I likes your style a lot.

I suppose you could maybe alter the second iteration of your lead melodies so they don't sound too repetitious. But like, that's not really a big deal. I just personally favor a "live human" feel, the illusion that the computer is "performing" the music in a way that a live musician might, by throwing in soulful changes to the stock melody here and there.


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oh joy, haha. cuteness! 8bit+1bit+classical classics. cannot go wrong


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