my soldering skills are pretty weak. could i just cut the wires, or would that cause issues?

hey guys!
So I recently bought a modded gameboy on eBay, and it was very cheap (20$) but all in all a good mod. it had a backlight, internal prosound, and a variable clock mod. the only problem is that there is no off switch for the clock mod.

so, since i will probably never need it, i would like to know how to remove it.



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I want to internal pro-sound my lame boy, but i cant find any schematics or tutorials on it. help me out please?

will it support EMS 64M? will it only support original GB carts? i have a Flash2Advance Ultra 1G I wouldn't mind being able to flash without the hassle of scouring the net for the drivers.


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so today i was going to boot up parallels desktop and back up my EMS carts. but today parallels decided to want to lock me out and require an activation key.  my key doesn't work and i am now locked out of all my windows programs. any advice?


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UPDATE: just backed up cart with 0 errors!
guess ill be good with Parallels after all~


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Jansaw wrote:

Did you follow the tutorial on the page that Chainsaw police created?

yeah i did.
I'm just super paranoid about using GB_USB in parallels because last time it corrupted the current song and i lost all instrument data and a lot of clips.
anyone else have this problem?

also yeah, i just got a prosound/rca/backlit DMG so now my next purchase is definitely going to be a drag n' derp


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katsumbhong wrote:

Is going back to using your VM more hassle than not being able to use the flasher?

Its a pain, and in the past it has corrupted the save, and id really like to not lose work.
but as a whole i suppose it works. id prefer the easier method tho.


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hi, ive been really fed up with virtual machine lately so ive tried to use the Mac flasher found at the link below, but none of the steps seem to work in the command prompt and i just get errors. I cannot seem to get any "port information" and as a result i get an error from the "make" function. does anyone have any of the in-between steps, like what a successful prompt execution would look like? thank you!


p.s. i did go through the tutorial step by step but i kept getting issues.

is it only handheld heroes guys?
or can anyone submit stuff?

this guy seems to have it


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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Tsukema Tsukeru

I'm out in Naperville, which isn't /super/ far!

theres /finally/ a chiptune show in chicago, and i can't go.


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i tried it out at my friends house and it didn't do this... did the soldering come loose?


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i just bought a modded dmg from my friend, and when i plug into the prosound jack (bottom or RCA) sound still comes out of the speaker? anyone know whats going on?