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i made an EP a while back.
i think its O.K., but then again, im just starting (I've only been doing this for a year)
Link: http://venosci.bandcamp.com/
thanks for listening y'all


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herr_prof wrote:

ps: homer rin is a really nice gb emulator.

will it work on a PSP classic? also maybe a non-shady download link? Im not trusting any of the ones i find.


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e.s.c. wrote:

you have a psp? you can run lsdj through game boy emulators on it if you have CFW on it, just run lsdj on that and the game boy, switching as needed

Thats probably what ill do. Im gonna get another EMS eventually, but just not now.
Thanks Guys! ill post on this thread again if they decide im "Too School For Cool" and let me play.


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@E.S.C.-They only want like a 15-20 minute set, and i have the material. unfortunateley, i lost a few songs due to a corrupted sav, but i should have enough for that.
I was thinking maybe load a copy of LSDJ + my latest Sav onto a psp and mix using that?


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ok, so a couple of days ago, i was approached by some guys at my school saying that they were planning on doing this big live music event at the school, and wanted DJ's to play in between the bands. I informed them that i was no longer a dj, but now rather made chiptunes. they were interested and asked for a demo, which the next day i provided.
the question is: If they ask me to play should i take the gig, knowing that people there would probably not appreciate the art, or even get what i was doing.
also if i were to play, how should i perform. i have only one EMS cart with LDSJ, and they want a "DJ mix" or the equivalent for chiptunes. any suggestions?


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so recently, my beloved EMS Cart with LSDJ flashed onto it has started acting up, giving me the "DONT PANIC" screen for more than half of my songs.
as a [hopefuly] temporary solution, i have started recording the loops of the files i can access into ableton live [launchpad edition!] so i can improvise and play them back in that.
if there are any other solutions that you all have for when your cartridge breaks, please post them here.
and yes, i know about Nitro2k01's work, and i have contacted him for possible help.


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herr_prof wrote:

I was hoping for a nude future for chipmusic.

you mean like this?

http://maxcdn.fooyoh.com/files/attach/i … innars.jpg


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im amazed chibitech hasnt been doing more stuff


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allright. thanks guys. really appreciate it. thats genius on olivers part tho.


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hey, im running nanoloop 2.1 (found a nice torrent cuz im poor) on a flash 2 advance ultra card and cannot save/load loops.
i go into the file menu, select a bank, hit b+right to save it, and then b+left to try to load, and it only loads a blank, one beat loop.
please help!


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i actually just came out with something.
its called little planets and can be found here: http://venosci.bandcamp.com/album/little-planets

is this an all ages show? me and a friend were gonna try to pool our cash and make the pilgrimage for the last blip fest.