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ilkae wrote:

I think the general advice was avoid arts-related faculties and unaccredited "recording" programs offered by technical for-profit colleges.
Definitely go to university.

There have definitely some of those 2 year schools that have contacted me, but i would like a 4+ degree school.


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NationalBroadcastNetwork wrote:

NYU and U.S.C have a rep for good music production/tech programs.

Ignore the "teach yourself on google" advice. Sound/music production is like learning graphic design. You can pretty much teach yourself anything if you want to badly enough. But you'll learn faster and more efficiently with good teachers, like minded fellow students, and access to high end equipment. Plus a school program keeps you focused and structured and forces you to learn some essential things that you might be too tempted to skip if you're self teaching.

Also if you want a job is sound design/production/engineering, that piece of paper is going to be a tremendous help in getting your foot in the door.

I've been looking at N.Y.U. but not so much U.S.C., ill definitely look there.
And to all the people telling me not to go to college, i really would like to get out and experience the world, and im very much looking foreword to college. i sure i could learn whatever i wanted to in my room in my parents house, but living with your parents kindof defeats a lot of the fun of being out of high school.

just saying.


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There comes a time in a young man's life where he must choose where to further his education. For me, that time is now.
I am junior in high school and looking for a school that can further my musical education/career seeing that that is what i am the most invested/interested in. I understand that many schools are now offering a "Music Technology" major and that would be something very cool to pursue.
so please, if you know any schools that may interest me, or any you would like to recommend, i would really appreciate it!


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im only gonna be there for a short while cuz of spring break, but thanks anyway!


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i looked around at their stuff and couldn't find anything coming up...


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hey, im gonna be in New York starting early this friday and was wondering if there were any all-ages chiptune open mics avaliable.


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nitro2k01 wrote:

I have alerted Johan about this.

much appreciated


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yo, version 4.7 or LSDJ has alleged goomba support, but when i tried to unzip the file, i kept getting an error. you guys know anything about this?


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that  was my original intention, but kitsch brought up something equally useful.


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so i just import my .sav even tho its for v 4.3.6 and itll work fine on 4.7?


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really? anything for version 4.3.6? or will the .savs for 4.3.6 work for 4.7?
also, do you have a link to the goomba file?


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or any other way for lsdj to work with my cart.


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in my endless attempt to not spend another 40 bucks on a EMS card, i was wondering if lsdj version 4+ would work with a Flash2Advance card and a GBtransfer. I know that goomba color only supports v 2.6 and lower, but if a gba can handle the syncing and my current .savS that would be rad. thanks!

Saskrotch wrote:


yeah, chicago is pretty dead.
but the weird thing is, theres actually quite a few of us.


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ill check out MasterBoy, Cuz i use sweeps a lot, but kits not as much.


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im running lsdj on a psp thru homers rin, and the PU1 channel is spazzing out. it plays the note repeated, even when its not supposed to. i tried it on my gameboy and had no such problems.

please help!