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pretty much what cooshinator said. i just set the incoming gameboy to master once the previous track has been faded out, haven't had any issues with this method yet!

would love to get my hands on one of each of the carts!


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does the tuning stabilize if you leave the c64 to sit for half an hour?

edit: on second thought that probably wouldn't do anything because DCOs

brightwhitelightning wrote:

Can someone explain: are the .gb and .sav using the same storage?  Or are they separate?

They are separate. .SAV files use the battery-backed RAM, .gb files get burned to the EPROM

or something like that


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there's more icons on my desktop than will fit on my screen

amazing demo, the stuff people can do with a vic-20 never ceases to amaze me. also if you squint your eyes it goes hi-rez

god damnit TE i haven't even bought my ticket for melbourne yet

*purchases PO-20*


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VCR5 wrote:

sweet dude, u tried it?

yeah m8 its good stuff, does what it says on the tin smile


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durban poison


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i can't only chose one. i have met and been inspired by so many lovely and talented chipsters that i would feel bad for not including all of them neutral


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i couldn't get TiLP working properly on my Win7 box, but TI Connect seemed to do the trick! (TI 84+ SE)

thanks for the tracker btw, it's really neat smile

slave your gb to a clock


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full disclaimer: i have only tried this on one machine running Windows 7 x64, and haven't really had the time to dedicate to troubleshooting it properly. i wouldn't mind trying it out on a linux box and seeing if that changes anything


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man my ems carts see way more action than my drag n derp does. i haven't experienced the exact same issue that you're having, but i have had so many problems with getting save files to stick on there that i kinda just gave up and only use it for sketching random ideas on