Probably my newest (unreleased) EP because of the incorporation of chips + techno and the fact that i just bought lsdj like a month ago (I'm using it in the EP).
other then that i made a couple of crappy albums that even i look down upon and a couple others that never even got finished xD


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Aeros wrote:

you'd be surprised how far you can go with it.

i kinda am already i've been messing around with arps kits and waves in it its pretty neat! anyways thanks for the tips! ^.^


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Thanks! ^.^ in my experience not 100% of the brony's are what people try to make them out to be you just gotta sort through them and see for yourself.


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i know the basics i might touch up on that more when i get the time.
anyways thanks for your feedback!


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well after a few hours of learning lsdj i started this track
to me its alright but at a certain point it changes( around :28)
and to me it seems to clash with the happy melody that starts everything.
so i was wondering what kind of tips you could give me for this?


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you're very welcome :3


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i give this a 10/10!
everything about it is awesome! ^.^
keep up the great work.


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I am TheBronyChip. (don't be scarred I'm not here to spam ponies everywhere)
I come here to discuss chiptune music hardware and modding! I have been making music for around 2 years now but it wasn't until recently that i started getting into chiptune music. right now i write all my chiptunes on my psp and record through a 3.5mm to my laptop. i have two gbc's and a dmg-01 i hope to mod soon (pics when it happens ^.^) and for when I'm not doing chiptune i write techno jams with fl studio 10. well i hope to become a good part of this community as from what I'm seeing right now it looks awesome!