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I still want to be on an AOF gig. In a small dark room. With strobes.

I feel you man


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unexpectedbowtie wrote:
SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Very Petshopboyainish, yesssshh

Hah! Thanks. I did love a bit of the ol' Petshop Boys when I was a lad.

Me too man, such an underrated act. "But they're so maaaainstreeeam" and shite.

Any plan on releasing physical records , mate? Id love to grab one


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J3wel wrote:

I would check the licence for lsdj. As far as I'm aware you cannot distribute the rom. So you could attach the sav to the cart but the customer would need to provide a valid licence or put the rom on the cart themselves upon arrival.

I would love to be a part of this if it is possible!

Its pretty common since the stone and brass days to show proof of lsdj license in before buying a cart smile


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Very Petshopboyainish, yesssshh


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fucking great piece of shit. I love it

Im in spain, i recently got an specific dmg for touring but im gonna need a replacement soon. I actually just need a backlighted dmg cpu, i dotn care about shell or buttons since ill be using mine.


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benven carts are great

Do you do commisions?


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That sounds pretty clean to me.


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hmmm .. make it 7!

nah, in all seriousness, it looks great. I recently updated mine, so im not gonna bid, but good luck mate big_smile


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id give you 5 euro for the inner parts


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Wait, so with custom firmware and a flash reader i can create a rom of the games i already own and put them on my sd and play them without carring them? (I mean, thats what we all do with jailbreak systems, right?)


On the other hand, tell me more about those other trackers

e.s.c. wrote:
SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

If theres only ONE thing all chiptuners agree is that it isnt a fucking genre. Its a method.

yeah, as much as i complain that there should be more diversity of styles within the scene, it's most definitely not a single genre... the stuff i did as e.s.c. is most certainly not in the same genre as what Trey Frey does, for example

Anamanguchi, Danimal, Starscream, Tori ena, Chibi, abandoned on fire, SuperBustySamuraiMonkey*, nordloef, YMCK. I cant even link two of these together (wich, to me, is a great thing).

*shameless plug

breakphase wrote:

Yeah I think the thesis of this thread is flawed. Chipmusic, I strongly believe, is a genre. It has been mischaracterized as a methodology. We can talk about the strength of working with limitations, or cool hacking stuff, but these are two separate things. I believe that the term 'chiptune' arose from the amiga tracker scene, where people were trying to emulate the sound of Commodore 64s, and stuff like that. . Amiga itself was a PCM based sound device, which is definitely not 'chiptune.' If we say that Amiga songs are chiptune, than we have to call early hardcore, like nasenbluten, chiptune. Which would be weird.

So, TL;DR, chip music is simply a genre that attempts to sound like early computer music. And no intelligent person can disagree. wink

If theres only ONE thing all chiptuners agree is that it isnt a fucking genre. Its a method.

Chiptune doesnt exist. Its actually your mum and dad who put the gifts under the tree.


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whats the purpose of a hacked 3ds ( besides playing lsdj)? is it there more homebrew ? can you play games from outside your region? etc