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Saskrotch wrote:

I hate women too let's start a club

Wait i thought that's why we were here already?


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imagine i'm here dressed as guy fieri. and i'm saying that this is taking me to flavortown, but for music.


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I alone will remain as the sole bastion of chiptune.

Saskrotch wrote:

watch out 4 weebs

and cops.

Assassin goes hard.


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egr wrote:

Is good. Do get.

(hey did you use that weird hockey stick bass on this by the way?)

Yes! On 30-year-old punk starter pack and Couch Expert.

For the uninitiated - my 2 string hockey stick bass:


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killing it, arnoldo. very hypnotic


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Oh dang. just missed out here. i also don't have anything to trade for that gp2x midi box.


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Another one so soon? I know, right? Turns out you need more than 6 minutes of material for a set, so I wrote some more music. More songs about fast food, about treating my body poorly, and lamenting that I broke edge nearly a decade ago.

"this sounds like descendents had to write a motorhead album in 20 minutes" - Ben Mitchell, artist professional



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It's taken 10 years, but I've finally realised I can actually write songs about my real life and not stuff i've made up. So this one's about me.

I thought about recording these properly, but these demos are about as good as they'll get.

Shouts to Square Sounds / Soundbytes for letting me shout and make an idiot of myself on stage for so long.
Shouts to 10k for basically inspiring this and letting me rip on his style in a much shitter way.
Shouts to DJ Wazzo for giving the thumbs up to each preview track I sent through.


Here's mine for real though:

Gameboy for LSDJ
WaleCore Fuzz War for bass guitar
Repurposed phone handset as a mic.
Black Rat for vocals.

just a long chain of maxed out distortion pedals


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a good boy writing good tune.


Some ridiculous sounds on this, especially westgate.