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If you REALLY want to get into custom carts, you should invest in a willem programmer. just as long as you have a printer port on your computer, you'll be good, not only will you be able to burn eproms, but the willem can burn other chips too. like ones for gameboy, n64, gameboy advanced, really any cart


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I have looked EVERYWHERE, and I cannot find a reasonable, functioning, nes for sale, I dont need cords or controllers or games, just the system.
I'm not very happy with the clone I bought, it works fine and all, but I want the REAL DEAL! my price range is about $20, I can go to $30. If that's too cheap, welcome to america. Pm me if your intrested, I am also willing to do any trades if anyone would like. I can get a pic of my games and stuff when I can.


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SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

Im 12 and what is this

It has begone

think the color clone would be good for those people who dont want to destroy an sp for a backlight, just rip the brain (lcd) out of a clone


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I've been heat gunning it a couple times and I think its getting better, if it fails, I'll just buy a donor, but I dont really want to, is there anywhere I could get just a replacement lcd?


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This is a gameboy pocket I am talking about, I took it apart the other day and put it back together (i took it apart to clean behind the lcd, without any liquids) and they're were 3 lines running down the screen, vertical, and missing pixels, they were twoards the middle of the screen. I turned it on and off hoping the lines would go away, and to my amazement they did. I found this kinda weird, so I opened it back up, checked the ribbon cable, and it looked fine to me, so I put it back together and 2 lines apeared. I turned it off and on once again, and the lines went away once more, so I reopened it, blah blah blah, and then only one line, flicked it on and off, and its gone. I am hoping this is a permanant fix, I kinda just have my gameboy sitting there on a shelf for now because I am scared it might come back. Is there any way to permenatly fix this or possibly a vendor who sells just lcd's?


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i know there is a way to dye the start and select buttons on a gameboy but do i have to paint or dye the rest of the buttons. would it just be easier to get some colored buttons.


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is there any way to revert a lsdjsng file back to a save file. i was working on a song and i felt like it was ready for publishing. little did i know i forgot to make a backup .sav file for the archives. i still have the lsdjsng in case i could revert it. but i have no knowledge of how to do so. if anyone has any idea to preform this action please let me know.

there are two layers you need to peel off during the mod you may have grabbed the outer only and inserted the polerized film. or you didnt add polerized film.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


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try cleaning the battery contacts with vinegar

my brother is just getting into chiptuneing so he went and bought a gameboy and he asked me if i could backlight it for him. thinking it was a dmg and ive backlit those for lots of people. but when he handed me his game boy pocket i was a little concerned. i need a instructional video pictures dont help me all to much. there are plenty dmg backlight tutorials on youtube. i know where to get the components and such for this mod i just need to know where to soder and such.

if you can just deal with a normal dmg and a smart card:
lsdj rom: 2-3 dollars,us
cart: 30-100 dollars,us
dmg itself: 10- 20 dollars,us
any sound equipment: 20-80 dollars, us
you can spend any where from: 62-203 dollars, us
but i wouldnt spend 100 dollars,U.S. on a cart so from 62-103 dollars us is about the estimated amount


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if you want the gameboy for just music get a dmg its easier for mods and backlighting it is easy
if you want the gameboy for games and music get a color
if you need a bigger screen get a gameboy pocket

i didnt want to gut my gameboy

i have recently bought a gameboy color and i had forgoten the one problem with it. no backlight. i understand you can destroy a gameboy sp but who want s to do that. is there any other way i can give my gameboy color a backlight?