Hi all.
Just received GB-303 from Kitch Bent rev 2.1. Looks like it has the same bugs from 2015.
Also found that GB-303 not work with DMG IPS screen (chaos controls).
LSDJ sync works time to time and async.
Speed of GB-303 not the same as LSDJ (if don't use any sync) I set 188bpm and GB slow down, looks like original bpm on 0,5 bpm less.
To play Song need to clicl SELECT + START +START
Song mode play like it has 16 steps and 1 step delay.

Nice sound but many bugs. But I'm still interested in final working product.

Hi chipfam.
Please share album if you have it, official link is dead.

Best regards and happy new year!

Added to wishlist


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Russian chiptune also alive, but we are siting in telegram channels. Forum is still the best place to find usefull information, so sometimes I'm still log in here)

Is this still alive? Any possibilities to find it?


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Have heard it on micromusic Italy. Great work!


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S_TN - МИР (Official Album Preview)


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Varang Nord - Syt pa Seji (S_TN Demo)


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egr wrote:

Hey, ST! Bookmarking this for tonight smile

I believe that You have spent a good time)


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Hi Chiptune fam.
And I have a really good news for you. Fresh lsdj album  "Мир"
All tracks have been composed just on one Nintendo Gameboy Original and LittleSoundDj cartridge. Here you can listen a real chiptune sound like I heard when compose it with no post production.
All tracks have been composed with just one Nintendo Gameboy Original and LittleSoundDj cartridge. Here you can listen a real chiptune sound like I heard when compose it with no post production.
All tracks have been composed with just one Nintendo Gameboy Original and LittleSoundDj cartridge. Here you can listen a real chiptune sound like I heard when compose it with no post production.
Album is for "NAME YOUR PRICE", but if you want to support an artist. All money will go to my son's education.
Also with this music you will get by bonus:
1. LSDJ Save file with 3 compositions (compatible with LSDJ 8.4.4):
2. Animated pixelart pack prepared by Katikataoka;
3. Full size cover art prepared by Katikataoka;
4. Video clip prepared by Qwakadore

EARTH - best place in the Universe. I want our children to feel safe and healthy here. Where people respect each other and take care of their homeland. Where science and religion can complement each other.
We are - Humans, and our main commandment is to live in Peace. Please don't forget about it!

Important: The album is intended solely for peaceful purposes. Any resemblance to real people is accidental and does not carry any negative goals.
Much thanks to:
- Katika_taoka for album cover, pixelArt and voice samples;
- Johan Kotlinski for keep working on LittleSoundDj;
- Qwakadore for awesome videoclip;
- Russian chiptune community
Streaming services
You can also listen my music into the SPACE:
„Облетев Землю в корабле-спутнике, я увидел, как прекрасна наша планета. Люди, будем хранить и приумножать эту красоту, а не разрушать её.“ —  Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин


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Hi Chiptune fam.
Here is my new M8 album - COLD FLAME EP
I wanted to share with you my feelings and fears, that I have experienced over this year.
Music - like a fresh air helps us to survive.
This album has been composed on M8 tracker which developed by Timothy Lamb (Trash80). The idea was to show what kind of possibilities this device has. There are 5 tracks, but it's just one m8 project and no samples used, so there are only M8 generated waves. If you interested how is it look like, you can watch my YOUTUBE ALBUM PRESENTATION.

All music composed and mixed by Stress_TN
Awesome art by: Katikataoka
Mastering by: DJ VADZ
M8 tracker official website: dirtywave.com

By bonus I have add RAW material. It is a real M8 sound before any mastering. For those who are interested how is it sounds like.
Also put M8 Project File just rename format .xm to .m8s and drop to your M8 tracker.

P.S. Please, stay safe and take care about your homies. Peace. Мир

Yesterday was Online festival "Theremin Fest" and here is a short cut version of my performance.



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Midi mapping on mixer screen.
Also show battery percentage
Make possibilities to manage timing of autoswitch and turn off functionality.
Erasing of a project functionality
Step back feature if you insert something wrong.
Mark pattern like B B B on LSDJ

Some imposible features:
Add equilizer screen for instruments.
Make sd card visible when connected to PC/MAC
Add pianoroll screen and posibilities to record notes by midi or touch screen
Add additional effects on master or chanels with midi mapping)
Add Light-emitting diode and it can be blue on charging and red when battery is low, also it can blink with midi connection. Idea: Put it like in gameboy from left side of the screen.
Speach synthesizer, SAM c64 for example, Speak and spell or something like that)))
Vocoder, because you have also audio in))
Analog in out to connect game boy with out arduino, teensy or lsdjmc2


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Hi chip fam. Want to share with you “New Year” compilation from Russian musicians.

Track list:
1. Ghost Memory - Herbal Tea & Video Games
2. Zan - High tech. Low life
3. Purely Grey - Another Year
4. Stress_TN - Overtime holidays
6. feonao - a way
7. VRUMZSSSR - Suicide Club
8. Balloonbear - Let Me Give You A Piece Of Advice
9. Daniel Voronkov - Her eyes
10. Nuclear Mushroom Boom - Запах мягких зелёных иголок
11. GameGate - Edem na razborki
12. Quiet - Size Matters
13. Final Sketch - Runaway Clouds
14. Muhrochka - Token

P.S. New Year with fresh music.


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