@Tiishaku if you find an old fruity loop version, you can run it thru "wine32" the 32 bit version of wine.
I'm on Centos 7.6 and it works.


Try this for better internal sound on the pi.
It seem to solve the big issue.

In /boot/config.txt add the following line:

https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/view … p;t=136445


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Hi Jalex, unfortuntely no...
Too much work those day, and I have not finished anything...


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Definitely the pocketchip pattern should work without flaw on windows.
If you make tracks on windows you will have access to all synthengine, and this synthengine are not all compatible with pocketchip.
So if you stick with picosynth, picodrum, pbsynth opl2, it will work both way.

Sorry, today I have no time to code... I hope my new pc will be ready soon. Because today I work, sleep, work, sleep. And my pc is a laptop without what I need to code...


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Porting lgpt to another linux os is doable.
Porting lgpt on another hardware os... Mhhh it take way much time.
I think Marc has left the pen today on this apps.
The soft has everything needed so... it's finally opensource.

The original one dingoo a320 was able to tv out.
This one too.
I have not try the tv out but it should work to make visual.
And sdl1.2 works fine on opendingux so yes, you could make 2d visual without problem I think.
And test them on a pc.

A new gba clone is out.
It seem to be a dingoo a320 like with 128MiB of ram.
Floating point support this time, a beefier cpu, a link port and a better screen
And it can run opendingux.
It's in alpha/beta stage today, but seem promising.



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The digitack is just a real good simple sampler which sound really good and which is simple, really simple.
There was a bug with midi on it.
Took me 2.5 hours to reach it, so... not a problem for me, but for party people... Not the same
There was no backup... So yes it's a problem too.
All of these seem to be fixed since last friday : os 1.05 out ten month after release.

If every hardware vendor fine tune their os to this high level of efficiency... Life would be really better...

For me it was weird.
What I bought was really ok.
It was well packed and it's really well done.
But it took one year without any email.

So I really think this guy is honnest.
But it's just weird to buy something without any information...


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It's great !
Ok, I won't rush on it smile


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Thank you for your word.
But don't take the pulse sync as an option today.
It work on my pc laptop with my volca.
It does not work on psp, ps vita and dingoo a320.
There is a lot of chance that pulse sync won't work on pocketchip either.
The hardware need to send enough power to trig the sync.
And I'm not sure that the pocketchip will have this capability, so don't expect it.

What we can do is to make midi available on pocketchip really fast.
It's really simple to do.
If garvalf is okay to spend one hour with me working on it on it, it could be done really fast. And IMHO, it will work nicely.
I had no pocketchip today, and garvalf has good knowledge on the build process. So I could double check stuff and he could make the build.

Hope it will help


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Ha you use the pocketchip to do this.
In this case, first tell me if you have midi stuff when you launch picoloop on the pocketchip.
It's on the first screen when you have launch the app.
I don't remember if the software was build with midi enable on this platform.
If it is the case, then it should work.

If you want to use pc and pocketchip , pc master, pocketchip slave, then you will need two of this usb cable and female-female connector.

In this day, I work on the raspiboy which is a raspberry pi zero. Near the same performance as the pocketchip and raspberry pi 1. And picoloop work on raspberry pi. Today it doesn't work on raspiboy, need to handle the joystick and find a good way to autoboot the software.


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Just a basic usb midi cable should work.
When you launch picoloop you will have a midi output and midi input menu as first screen.
You need to select the 'input' which is your usb midi cable.
Works well on Linux, on windows...
I don't think you will have what you want.
There will be too much delay, 50ms I think, because it is not asio compatible today.
So yes, tell me if you have a basic master or slave configuration working and your hardware software configuration.

And I'm here to help.



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Sure Garvalf smile It will be nice smile


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Maybe the best hobby I've ever had in my life wink


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Not a lot of news on fews month.
I'm porting picoloop on android and cleaning the code as much as required to do it.
Today the code is clang compliant, it was required by mac osx and to ease the port on Android.
So sorry for the lack of news.
It will be like this for two three month until the first working version is out smile

Keep using the last binary on github and 0.76c first 0.77 version which is IMHO fine and has no issue.