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Hey, I used Retroplug to sync LSDJ with a bunch of other instruments in my DAW and remixed two of my old songs. Kind of a proof of concept for some new stuff I'm working on. I made it free to download, check it out!



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Hey, I just released my second official thing, 2NIGHT 2LAUNCH.

It's 1XLSDJ and guitar. It has a bunch of palm-muting and double kick. Check it out!

https://tonightwelaunch.bandcamp.com/al … ht-2launch


oh yah also me (i dunno if guitar is a dealbreaker but I only use DMGs for the chip stuff)


I dunno if these all 100% meet the specific criteria, but they all (at least afaik) mostly just use Game Boys.


Hey, so it's not ~new~ music, but I re-recorded and remastered my last EP. I added better LSDJ instruments and parts too. That EP is an early effort and I didn't really know what I was doing when I recorded it, and those were the first LSDJ songs I ever made so I DEFINITELY barely knew what I was doing in that arena. I still play the songs live though, and wanted to post a better recording for posterity.

I have it set up so that you get the EP for free if you buy any merch, otherwise it's $2. I hesitated to charge anything for old songs but I did put a ton of work into this rerelease. Comes with the LSDJ sav for the songs.

https://tonightwelaunch.bandcamp.com/al … ic-punk-20


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Oops, how did I not see this? I'm Jeremy aka Tonight We Launch, I (sort of, try to) help out with DataPort stuff too. Basically, what Mechlo said, just chiming in.

I just recently found a venue that seems open to doing whatever kind of all ages shows and will hopefully be booking some stuff soon!

I go for long stretches of forgetting to check in here so get at me at [email protected] or @tonightwelaunch on twitter.

I agree, it's just hard to get on those shows because it takes so much explanation, as opposed to like "hey my metal band is looking for a show."

A consistently frustrating thing to me is that chiptune is a really topheavy scene. The only shows are big fests, so only the big artists ever get to play shows. It's not like every other genre where you can play a bunch of small bar and house shows to get better and build up a following. In chiptune it's all or nothing, and unless you blew up in like 2009, it's usually nothing. It's a lot easier for promoters to just delete your emails than to try something weird and new at their venues that won't immediately drive booze sales.


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I think I already posted here but I can't remember


update: not going to MAG this year. Nevermind.


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spoken for yet?

which, i mean, I get it, it's a small niche...chiptune is like one of those shows where only 3 people in the audience aren't in one of the 8 bands playing. Which makes for awesome shows, just...not a lot of smaller ones in between the big ones. Not on the west coast anyway. I could be way off re: other parts of the US.

It's hard; unlike any other genre of music, chiptune basically has no farm league of smaller shows, bars and basements to build up a following in. Practically the only chip shows are big fests, and you only get to play the big fests if you're already well known, so...

Hey, I'm planning to go to MAGFest this year (Feb 18-21) and wondered if anyone is setting up any kind of peripheral chipmusic events? If so I'd love to play one! My stuff is here: http://tonightwelaunch.bandcamp.com/alb … astic-punk

I can get you a show in Portland OR if you wanna trade! Hit me up here or at [email protected]. Thanks!

I think limiting accounts to one or two namechanges is totally reasonable (depending on the culture of the board); here you don't want people constantly changing their names for no reason. For me it would be my first, only and permanent change.