Yep, it's the name I make music under.

Haha yeah, that's what I'll probably end up doing I guess. I only asked because I asked this same question two years ago, and a mod responded along the lines of "Yeah we don't normally, but I'll change your name, what do you want?" and never followed up.

It's fine, I'm not too worried about it. I can just delete and re-upload tunes.

I registered here before I settled on an artist name. I know this is annoying and there's probably a No Name Change policy, but I've already uploaded music under this name. Also, a mod said they'd make an exception for me like 2 years ago, but then I never heard anything back.

Anyway, if it's possible, I'd like my name to be TonightWeLaunch.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but it doesn't look like there's a right place for it.


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Oh yeah, a lot of times unless I'm going for a different sound, I set the WAV bass to emulate the NES's triangle channel as much as possible, just because I love that sound.

For the drums, I actually haven't managed to make original drums I've liked with S commands. I may have stolen a patch with some S-commands for one song (I forget without looking at it) but most of those are actually just quick transpositions down in the first 3 rows, to get that "thwack!" sound. The ringing squares are just various table commands that again, I forget off the top of my head without my setup in front of me. I think the main riff uses a lot of transpositions and panning, all in tables. (I put that song together like a year ago and have been mainly focusing on recording and mixing since, haha.)

I do use FamiTracker and want to incorporate it into my set, but I'm still way more proficient with LSDJ. I have to always have multiple windows open to look up commands and stuff when I'm working in FT.

Anyway thanks again for the kind words!

Hey thanks. I'll take the None More Black thing as a compliment for sure.

I actually only used LSDJ for this! Out of curiosity, which one(s) do you think sound like FamiTracker?


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SketchMan3 wrote:

This really picks up at track 2. I enjoyed listening. Cool stuff.
I really liked the bridge in track 3, too. The change from power chords took me by surprise, hehe. I wasn't expecting that from this type of music. Good stuff.

thanks! … astic-punk

1XLSDJ + guitar. Check it out!

Also, I want to come play these and other songs live basically anywhere!

i kinda feel like this strong wording is where Nintendo's IP enforcement for old ROMs begins and ends though

Tonight We Launch, Portland OR

I've had the same few songs up for awhile, but will be recording a full length soon.

oops, never saw this reply. For what it's worth, yeah, it totally worked!

Tonight We Launch, or TonightWeLaunch if there can't be spaces (pretty sure I've seen names with spaces but not totally sure)


ah ok


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I'm never surprised or angry when someone doesn't understand chipmusic right away, or has "dumb" questions about it. A real explanation involves at least a little history and context. Most people's associations for those sounds are video games, so I don't see how it's an unfair first impression to mention games, or ask if the sounds are coming from a game somehow. I mean it's definitely not the same level of ignorance as if someone was like "What IS that thing?" to a guitar player.

as in, don't even make a new one, or if I make a new one, delete/never log in again to the old one?

I figured there might not be name changes, different forums have different rules on that though so figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

...or would I need to just make a new account? I don't know why I didn't register under my performer name when I made an account here, but for whatever reason I didn't and would now like to change it.

No big deal either way, just though I'd ask since I didn't see that option and couldn't find anything about it in the FAQ. Cheers!

I love Gun-Nac. Never seen one in the wild but I've emulated the hell out of it.