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OH, and Seatrash, I am so down. Seattle's like next door! Lemme know.


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Whoa, thanks for the replies!

I would totally travel to Ohio to play a show if I could work it into a little tour. October 12 is a little too short notice, but keep me in mind for sure!

Would be super into playing Toronto too, maybe NY and Boston in the same trip.

Kineticturtle, I actually shot you a PM awhile ago about how I'd love to apply to play an 8BitSF gig. Is there like a submission process?

Again, totally into trading shows too if anyone want to play in Portland sometime.


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Oh rad, thanks! Missed that thread somehow.

Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place, but I couldn't really find an obvious thread for it:

Basically, I'm interested in playing shows pretty much anywhere there are chip shows. I don't really have a lot of contacts, so I thought I'd put it out here. Here's a link to some of my stuff: http://tonightwelaunch.bandcamp.com.

I live in Portland, OR and can help set up shows for people who want to play here too!

Most recently found a complete working Sega Dreamcast w/2 controllers, 2 VMUs (and a burned copy of Ikaruga inside) at a Goodwill for $25. I know that's not the craziest find ever, but it's a pretty good price, and a real surprise to find in a Goodwill around here, as not only do thrift stores tend to get picked over pretty hard and fast in Portland, but Goodwill sells most of their video game stuff on shopgoodwill.com now.

Spectacular dumpster finds are pretty hard to come by (again, it's Portland - the second something cool gets thrown away, a dozen people are ON IT instantly) but I did find a working card reader and a little metal Mario ? box container in a free box outside awhile ago.

Also found Star Raiders for Atari 2600 ALMOST complete in box (missing the comic) at a yard sale, bundled it with a bunch of other Atari games for $5.

Various Game Boys for about $10, surprisingly that's about what they go for even at game stores here that are wise to chipmusic and retro collectors.

Thanks! Hey, viciousitaly, you're in PDX too? What's your radio show?

Thanks for the input. I definitely don't take it as negative criticism. I didn't put nearly that much thought into recording the guitars; the whole pathway was SM57 -> 4-channel mixer -> line in on my computer -> Mixcraft. I had these songs done and really wanted to just get them out there. I basically did all the recording no-no's like using headphones to mix, etc. I don't mean I don't think it's worth it to analyze it that much, just that this time around, I didn't.

I do have a bunch of other songs that are recorded but still need vocals, talking about recording sometime would be cool!

You think the guitar's too low? Hmm. I was worried about it drowning out the game boy. Thanks for the input!

What other forum was this posted on, by the way? I've only put it up here and one other place so far, it's cool to think people might actually be sharing it!



Just put a 3 song EP up on my Bandcamp. It's free!

The general public will probably always assume that you're just pressing play no matter what you do. Even if you play guitar and run around, people are going to ask stuff like "so what video games do you get your samples from?"

I almost feel like giving a preamble speech before I play about what LSDJ is and how I make music, but that'd be kind of silly.

Necrothread whatever, it's a perennial chipmusic issue


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Awesome, I'll check it out! What venue was that show you played in Portland at, by the way?


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Argh, I don't know! I play under the name Tonight We Launch, but I haven't finished a recording yet so I don't have much of an internet presence. Soon though! In the meantime, hit me up here, I'm always down to play.

EDIT: Whoa, were you in the Glowing Stars? If so I discovered your band like a week before your last show ever and am bummed I never got to see you. My stuff is right up the same alley. Do you set up shows in your town?


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2 DMGs  and one "stereo" modded, VRC6-enabled NES with a PowerPak playing songs in NSF format, written in FamiTracker. (None of it is synced together or anything, I just have some songs in LSDJ and some in FamiTracker.)

I have a couple songs where I use 2XLSDJ but I'm not writing any more because it's a pain in the ass. Ideally I'll have all my LSDJ songs on both carts and use the two Game Boys to preload 2 songs at once, to minimize time spent fucking around between songs.

I play a Gibson SG over it all and sing, for the 2/3 or so of my songs that have lyrics.

NES sound mod: red RCA plug = square waves. white RCA plug = triangle, noise and DPCM; second white RCA outputs VRC6 channels if that chip is either present in a cart or emulated by something like the PowerPak.

As far as I know, the toploader only comes with RF out, but can be modified. But what I really want to do, and probably just didn't explain well, is the mod where you tap the audio directly off the board before it's mixed to mono and run it to two extra audio outs, where one is the two square waves and the other is the triangle, noise and DPCM channel.

Hey, I know this isn't the mod forum, but it's a question, and that forum says no questions.

Anyway, does anyone know of a good toploader NES audio mod tutorial? I've found a lot of people doing video mods, but I'm interested in doing the RCA out audio mod to a toploader, and haven't had much luck finding a how-to. Is it because the board is essentially the same as an original NES? Clearly I don't have one yet, but that's because if I can't mod it, I'm probably not gonna spend $100 on one.

Thanks for any info; as always, sorry if this is redundant, but I looked around a lot before posting and didn't see much of anything.