Dunno if you still need respondents, but I filled this out too.

either that or acoustic guitar, but I pretty much suck at acoustic guitar and I can't write music with one on the bus (without being an asshole, anyway)

If anything, as I get older and it gets harder to regularly get a bunch of other idiots into a practice space together at the same time, my musical output will probably shift more and more towards being exclusively chiptune, since I can do it all myself, whenever and as much/as little as I want

nice Gun-Nac you have there

This is all good advice. And haha, I know Matt Hunter, I'm actually playing DataPort tomorrow!

I guess I should've been more specific that I run into this problem mostly when trying to get shows on the east coast. I've been really lucky and a lot of people have helped me out in Oregon, Washington and California so far, but I've never even gotten a "sorry dude, can't help you right now" from anyone out east; just total silence.

It seems like unknown performers contacting promoters out of the blue and asking if they can be put on a show around a certain date is more of a DIY punk tradition that's frowned on in chipmusic. I almost never even get a reply when I try this, especially from anyone on the east coast. Chiptune show promoters seem to universally have more of a "don't call us, we'll call you" show-curation approach to booking. But it leaves me wondering how other people go about, say, trying to book a two week tour or whatever when you're not already well-known? Or are people actually not really doing that and that's why not many chip musicians tour? I mean, I suppose part of it is that there aren't as many people putting together chipmusic shows as opposed to other kinds of shows in the first place.

Ehh, moving this cause it's not actually an upcoming event. Sorry. Feel free to delete.



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shopgoodwill.com is super hit or miss. People's pricing seems informed by the idea that anything retro is worth big bucks; you see a lot of Super Mario/Duck Hunt loose for $15 etc. I did snag a clear Play It Loud DMG for $11 though. (plus shipping and handling, but a good deal since they're usually more like $40.)

Also, my favorite thing about the Advantage is the way it plugs into both control ports and switches between players 1 and 2 with a toggle. Can you even imagine a modern controller encouraging sharing a single unit instead of having to buy two like that?

Yeah, really not a fan of the Max's d-pad. The way you have to grip it is so different than other control pads that it's distracting, too.

I like the Beeshu Zipper. For the most part it's just a bigger NES pad, but with more rounded edges and the texture of the plastic is nicer; it's kind of rough and doesn't get all slippery. They look kind of cheapo but are really solid.

Don't have a dogbone pad but I've heard good things.


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Keep checking Goodwill, and keep in mind that their stock/what's actually out on the shelves changes daily. I live in Portland, like an hour away, and even though retro game stuff tends to get snapped up immediately here, I still see probably one NES a month for between $20-$30. But then, I'm constantly checking thrift stores and yard sales for that kind of thing.


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I'd say I fall into this genre, maybe more chip pop punk. Here's me butchering a Propagandhi song at an 8BitSF show.

http://www.lavieenphotos.net/p107345713 … 3#hc1e2fc6


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Hey, where in Oregon are you from? I'm in Portland. Have we met at some point?

"Tonight We Launch" is a line from the movie Explorers, which I liked a lot as a kid. I guess when I came up with it I thought the space/sci-fi connotations were cool, but really it's just an identifier.

This is tomorrow! GET INTO IT

i think it's just a nonsense word and it's fun for them to give different answers to different interviewers