This was passed off to me recently in a trade, but unfortunately I don't have a CF card to use it with. It does boot though.


Anyone interested? Asking USD$30 w/shipping, willing to take offers.

U.S. Shipping only, sorry!

Loomis is a homie! Definitely employ his skills.

What happened with this?


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Bumping post-edit.


Up for sale is a custom clear gameboy pocket with EMS64 flash cart in clear GBC case. White backlight from nonfinite, clear blue kitsch buttons. Has battery door. Works!

I installed some blue case LEDs in the rear, they're cool but obviously kill the battery. Consider removing if you're interested in actually USING it.

Buy-it-now for 75 USD, sorry no intl. shipping. Make me an offer!

Ikea gets great business from big data thanks to that find!

You are exactly who I thought of. You've got TEDcred.


I'd be very happy to see the chip community represented here.

I fail at Mac.

But then this likely isn't a Mac problem: in attempting to patch LSDJ, I get the message " Error! Could not find a free ROM bank to place LittleFM in! Try removing one kit!

How do I remove kits? Can it be done within LSDJ?

Ohhhh. Linux. Gotcha. Yeah, it should work, but won't. Has to be a mac version of the binary. Drat!
I'm definitely close. Getting lots of weird errors, looking for libusb.h file as an include in a certain format in ems.c, when I do what the error tells me to do, it fails more spectacularly. Anyone else have a built working version of this ems-flasher-master for OS X?

Weird. I get error "ems-flasher: cannot execute binary file"
Could be because I didn't compile it myself.

Thanks for your effort, I appreciate the help.

Hmm. I can't seem to get it to compile in OS X 10.9. I really wish I could get it to do so though! Maybe you'd be nice enough to put your install directory on drive and share it with me? A working built repo would be nice to look at.

Hey gang -
Flashing ROMs onto the EMS64 cart via terminal on mac os is super awesome! But I can't seem to flash multiple ROMs onto either bank. Anyone figure this out? The lackluster.whatever website for ems-flasher talks about the ems cart as being great due to its large ROM storage capabilities, I'd be shocked to find out that the same person didn't code in the ability to utilize it.


More than likely there will be a migration to the Inbox model. I'm not excited about it, but on mobile, its actually really nice. We'll see.
I've sent invites out to those who have PM'd me.

Nitro - wish I could help.

Hey guys, I've received a few requests, I actually have to be on the business network to access my account, so I'll get to you between 9 and 5pm pst tomorrow.

Hey gang,
I'm a contractor for a certain mega corporation and have early access to Inbox. If anyone's interested in getting their gmail account upgraded, pm me with your Gmail account and I'll send you an upgrade!

If anyone had the most recent update for gmail on android, inbox is fairly similar.