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As I recall, weren't some games optimised for their PAL release? The Super Mario Bros music is actually slightly faster in the PAL version.


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Don't know if Vegas Diamond frequents the forums much any more, so here it is.

Code is commented, instructions are in there too.

Shoot him some €s if it comes in useful.

Personally, I've found classical not to lend itself to much hardware chipmusic simply because the classical style (baroque, romantic whatever) often lacks a percussive line. A large part of making 3 channels of basic functions sound full is filling space with bursts of noise / sweeps at a variety of different frequencies. For example, kicks, snares, hi-hats all occupy different frequencies in the mix and help to 'fill' the soundscape.

Look at Mozart's String Quartet No.19 in C Major. You've got four channels creating simple harmonies and moving in a very restricted way. If you were to play this straight on a bunch of square waves it would sound fairly empty, slow and obnoxious. To make it sound fuller / more interesting you'd employ the standard tricks: varying up the timbre via volume / modulation / waveform all of which lend themselves to enveloping over time, expanding harmony with arpeggios or changing rhythm to state more constituents of a complex chord, and filling any empty space with hi-hats, counter melodies or miscellaneous percussion. After this Mozart's original ideas have been watered down enough that it doesn't sound much like the original genre.

There's nothing stopping you from playing straight classical, FearOfDark has an EXCELLENT fugue section in An Age of Planetary Pride. However, much straight classical just sounds technically unimpressive.

Classical fusion is a great idea though. Do that.

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Wave channels aren't limited like with pulse channels. Pulse channels can only produce 3 variants of square waves, while as a wave channel has enough processing power to take on more complicated waveforms.

oh, ok, so I'd imagine then the range of waveforms it takes on varies console to console?

They'll usually play pcm audio, so theoretically infinite channels 4 u.

This is bizarrely niche. If you've not had solfège training (which the majority of even formally trained musicians haven't) it's indecipherable. Especially as its implementation differs between countries and chromaticism hasn't been satisfactorily standardised.

If you wanted to make it pitch agnostic, use roman numerals, or just this:

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Hah, that cover is rad btw


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The Arduino is capable of way more than just beeping; if you're into atmel synth programming, check out Mozzi.

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I do have a spare, but I expertly ran 5V up the wrong pin of the MIDI-in DIN and it no longer responds to MIDI.

That sounds wrong. Given how a MIDI in port is supposed to be designed, putting 5V on any of the pins should do no harm.

If it wasn't caused by me I'll feel much better about the whole thing. I've no idea why it's unresponsive then.

I do have a spare, but I expertly ran 5V up the wrong pin of the MIDI-in DIN and it no longer responds to MIDI.

If you (or anyone) can fix it, they can have it.


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Metalstorm is an awesome, somewhat obscure, NES game. (With parallax bgs!)

Essentially variations on the gravity switching theme.


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Cheers guys!

And @Tyler, yeah, short, low burst of noise coupled with a DPCM kick. Gives it the same attack transient as a proper kick.


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Hey, just a short collection of 1xMIDINES stuff you might be interested in.




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I'm still hoping Super Bat Puncher gets completed.


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I've looked into pure data, but once again, it appears to be composing music.

wait, how is pd 'composing'?

I think it might actually be easier to write a generative music patch than it is to compose like a DAW.

yeah, amazing release.