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No one's said Twelve Monkeys?

I thought you guys were cool.

Game Boys are pretty hardy bastards, I've yet to break something that a resolder or sticky tape couldn't fix.

You'll feel like a pro engineer. Promise.

FearOfDark lives a town over from me.

Yeah man, what about overseas shipping?

(And selling one of those greyboy shells seperately)

Sent a PM your way.


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Yeah, I'd be totally interested in this.


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SketchMan3 wrote:

I'm just curious, do you have any clarinet-midi-controller Gameboy stuff on any of your albums, or is that reserved for live performances?

That's pretty much live only. I'm a more proficient sequencer than I am a performer. Don't get much excuse to use it really.

Also, thanks man! big_smile

Also, I have no idea what that Taiko Drum Master thing was about. Some custom fan 'stepping' of the track? Is there an option to do that in that series?

Also, sorry for bumping this again.


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I gotta say, I didn't think this would get much attention here due to the fact it's hardly real chiptune.

Seriously thanks guys, glad you're enjoying it!


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Hey guys, just released an album on Ubiktune.

You can download it if you like; there's vocals, a recipe for Macaroni and Cheese and it's free for a bit.


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those harmonies...

Yo gang. Made some stuff up on Ubiktune. Might stick around and annoy you guys for a bit.